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Your Host: Steve Deg (Orangey) in Tokyo, Japan. Witness a mash up of alternative electronic oddities, sourced from EARTH ACADEMY artists and other networked creative outlets. Earth Academy is London's premiere label for Cyberpunks, Goths, Trekkies, Hi-tech Hippies, Futurists, Astronomers, and IT Geeks. www.EarthAcademy.org


  • EARSAY - Earth Academy Records - Podcast.4

    20/06/2008 Duración: 34min

    Leaving convention oncemore, listen in for more alternative improvisation & electronic curiousness from the mind of Tokyo's Steve Deg. Trackplay: 01) INTELLIGENTSIA "Jarred" [EARSAY Vocal mashup of 'Jarreologie' by Steve Deg] 02) (sketch) DJ CLUD HOOPER - introduces the bands 03) ASTROMILL "Tea In China" [VELBRASTOV ENSEMBLE - Short Bi-Tonal mix] 04) (sketch) KIDDIE COP on Speed Patrol 05) ORANGEY "Selfish" [Paul Gomersall/Steve Deg] 06) SHED "yourealshoulder" [dip-hop oceaneer mix] 07) (sketch) SIR TOPLESS BOTTOMLEY meets a Homeless, SMUDGE is skeptical 08) JESSIE GRACE "Out Of My Head" [dub tango mix] 09) ARTHUR LOVES PLASTIC "Later comes Soon" [Peepshow mix] 10) STU WRAY "Make My Body Home" http://myspace.com/intelligentsiamusic http://myspace.com/astromill http://myspace.com/orangeymusic http://myspace.com/shedfrenchband http://myspace.com/jesiegrace http://myspace.com/arthurlovesplastic http://myspace.com/stuwray JARRED – (Steve Deg / Mirai) "Beasting to a face beneath

  • EARSAY - Earth Academy Records Podcast.3

    11/05/2008 Duración: 40min

    Our resplendent compère Steve Deg links up from Tokyo to Germany, for an exclusive, raw and comedic interview with Sascha Windrath, the man & machine behind the bombastic industrial beats of ANTIMATTERMAN. Featuring all new music from his debut album "MANIPULATOR".

  • EARSAY - Earth Academy Records Podcast.2

    16/08/2007 Duración: 48min

    This month we concentrate on music from the INTELLIGENTSIA live show. Music written by MIRAI. Featuring the operatic vocal talents of Tokyo based creator Ms. 'Adeyto', Steve Deg & Yan Kuang. Trackplay: 1) Planet Peace 2) WorldWideChild 3) Civilization Zero 4) Love Heroine 5) Time Capsule 6) A Global Village 7) Interstella

  • EARSAY - Earth Academy Records - Podcast.1

    23/03/2007 Duración: 33min

    Episode 1 of EARSAY - EARTH ACADEMY RECORDS podcast, showcasing artists & releases, including special guests & collaborators in mash-ups, unique mixes, silly comic relief & interviews. Trackplay: 1) "Touchdown" - INTELLIGENTSIA (Aquarian sitar mix by Deg/Mirai) 2) "D.I.Y." - CHILDUNWILD - Steve & Yuko Kojima (Babedge) 3) "Revolution Earth" - ARTHUR LOVE PLASTIC / Irvington (special guest from Japan) 4) "World Wide Kind 2" - ON 78" vinyl! Sir Topless Bottomley and Smudge review sometime back in the 1930's !?! 5) Astromill / Anti-Matter Man / Irvington - mash-up 6) "What You Are" - ORANGEY (Baby Chaos mix) 7) "All the same" (edit) - ASTROMILL 8) "Interstella" - INTELLIGENTSIA 9) Newwws! - The P.M. Voice Over Speaks!