FUZE is a four part series of sets by djBluFish who returns to the decks in 2010 following a successful hiatus of studying sound engineering, music production and studio design. Anyone who has heard him live can attest to the energy, power and edge of his sound. For that reason, each is recorded live in Toronto from the new head quarters and production studio of his label: 3HAUS Finishing the series and brining the story full circle, BluFish will remaster his still sought after previous compilations and release them together as a box set: FOUNDATION* BluFish c. 2005* BlacknBluFish c. 2005* Revolution c. 2006* Umlaut c. 2006Included expect the four annual compilations that had been previously released in limited editions. If you've never heard this dj live, you must.This is your chance to catch up and retrace an evolution of a dj and his house.


  • FUZ3

    03/10/2010 Duración: 01h13min

    The third installment in the FUZE series. 113 minutes of tech tribal and minimal electro and house, FUZ3 continues the series a little darker and heavier than before. As we come upon fall and move the celebration indoors, this set brings a big room and after hours sound to get you ready for a new season of big festivals and events. Press play and get dark! Credits: dj BluFish - FUZE - 3HAUS Records c 2010 approx. 113 min. Track List: 1. Complex Rhythm (Original Mix) - Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti 2. Marir - Gel Abril 3. Cold Blood(Original Mix) - Mauro Picatto 4. I don't need a cure for this - Radio Slave 5. Rambon - Reboot 6. Tulku - Marc Marzenit 7. La Bicicletta - Loco Dice 8. Fused - Maetrik & Maceo Plex 9. Turn Loose (Original Mix) - Adam Beyer & Alexi Delano 10. N.I.N.A. - Radio Slave 11. Uruana (Luciano Remix) - Reboot *for promotional consideration only. A huge kudos to the artists that inspired the creation of this moment. Please support them and and buy their work. **Additional Texturing, Bridges and

  • FUZE: FOUNDATION BlacknBluFish 2005

    15/05/2010 Duración: 01h18min

    A continuation from the original release. Just in time for Black and Blue festival in Montreal, This favorite still gets requests for uploads. Enjoy it again.

  • FUZE: FOUNDATION BluFish 2005

    17/04/2010 Duración: 01h16min

    After many years club DJing , I decided to begin the process of promoting recorded sets of what I was playing live to give the listener an idea of what to expect at a BluFish event. This first recording, from early 2005, marked the beginning of this process. That tribal progressive gallop was everywhere, but, it was the more percussive influence of the Iberian peninsula that really started to move the after hours crew well into the early morning and beyond. Simon and Shaker, Chus and Ceballos, Paulo, Holmes Ives, Victor Calderone and Cevin Fisher, to name a few, gave us incredible singles that still resonate to this day. This first release is still requested from fans of mine who remember that period ad the time I spent between Montreal and Ottawa. This is the premiere release: BLuFish. Enjoy!

  • FU2E

    13/04/2010 Duración: 01h06min

    The story continues: This second edition, FU2E, moves tempo up and has you ready for a summer of travel, open air dance floors and warm synth filled dusk 'til dawn celebrations. Precision tech heavy drops accent a soundscape cleverly blended to give you an hour and six minutes of djBluFish. Overwhelming positive response from our devoted followers over last month's premiere FUSE, placed the set top three in the fastest climbers list. Almost ten thousand of you are now subscribing in such a short time. You told a friend, now lets tell ten and get them to do the same! Thank you all or your unwavering support. Big Bear Huggz, BluFish! Credits: djBluFish - FU2E . 3HAUS RECORDS c. 2010 - approx: 1:06 min. Track List: 1. Bass Tone (Chocolate Puma Remix) - Sole Fusion - Subliminal Sessions W2009 Steve Angello). 2. Drop the Dow - Round Table Knights - Calypso - EP. 3. Dis - DJT - The Inner Jukebox. 4. Purple Turtles (Original Miami Mix) - Boris Rush - Subliminal Sessions W2009 (Steve Angello). 5. Up T

  • FUZE

    20/02/2010 Duración: 01h10min

    The Newest release from djBluFish gives you an hour an ten minutes of electronic minimalism with a solid 4/4 foundation. Pulling from a global array of artists for inspiration, Fuze presents a simple story of tone, rhythm and percussion returning to the synth heavy roots of the dj's years of history in House music. Turn it up and enjoy the further ravings of djBluFish! Credits: dj BluFish - FUZE - 3HAUS Records c 2010: approx 1:10 min. Track List: 1. 3a.m. - Ante Perry - Systematic Colours, Vol. 2. 2. Gornal (Original "Upper Mix") - Paul Thomas, Funkagenda & PTFA - Global Underground. 3. Scarlet Macaw (Edgar Dirksen Remix) - Claude VonStroke - Scarlet Macaw EP. 4. The Boogieman - Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! / The Boogieman EP. 5. La Mezcla (Ant Brooks Remix) - Michel Cleis - La Mezcla, Pt. 2 (feat. Toto La Momposina) EP 6. La Mezcla (Copyright Main Mix) - Michel Cleis - La Mezcla, Pt 1 (feat. Toto La Momposina) EP 7. Snice - Ray Okpara - Brothers EP 8. Nu School (Camel Remix) - Mowgli - Nu School EP 9.You