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A journey through the live catalog of the band all the way from Athens, GA, Widespread Panic with your hosts, Harvey Couch and Jeff Kollath.


  • 115: Wilmington Runs This Now

    04/08/2021 Duración: 01h44min

    Harvey and Jeff recap the scorching hot Wilmington run and discuss the state of the US Olympic Team. Harvey is joined by The Penguin's Beau Gunn to recap how things went in Wilmington and discuss what the future might hold at Live Oak Bank Pavilion in downtown Wilmington. We also preview how the rest of 2021 looks for Panic, previews Jeff's attendance at a PHISH concert and Harvey's trip to Connecticut to ostensibly visit his in-laws (while also visiting Treehouse Brewery and seeing JRAD at Westville Bowl in New Haven).  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 114: Find Out Just How Tall We Are

    16/07/2021 Duración: 02h01min

    Harvey and Jeff are joined by Ted Rockwell to recap the (((wet))) Red Rocks Run. Then, we talk to Geoff Hanson from The Earth Will Swallow You and Beau Gunn from the Penguin in Wilmington, NC as we preview the upcoming three night run in Wilmington as Widespread Panic perform the first shows at the Live Oak Bank Pavillion at Riverfront Park in Wilmington, NC.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 113: Gotta Get Back to the Rocks

    24/06/2021 Duración: 01h57min

    Harvey and Jeff get the band back together for a in-depth Red Rocks + Tunes for Tots preview and lay down some not-so-hot takes and predictions for the shows ahead. Special guests Jay Strasberg and Ted Rockwell bring their love of Panic and their excitement for the weekend ahead to the pod, and preview the incredible vibe that awaits the 10,000+ fans headed to Colorado. And yes, to stay to the original inspiration for the Bluest Tape, Jeff drops some solid recommendations from 96 and 98 that you can see below. 13 June 1996 - Bee Cave, TX - The BackyardPorch Song > Rebirtha > Papa Legba18 June 1998 - Strasbourg, FRA - Le LaiterieSpace Wrangler > Diner25 June 2000 - Morrison, CO - Red RocksDriving > Stop-Go > Driving  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 112: JFC, 25 Years? Spring 1996 Recap and Panic 3.0 News

    28/04/2021 Duración: 01h52min

    Good Lord, we certainly take our time between episodes, don’t we?Episode 112 features a massive spring 1996 recap and breakdown (with recs below), plus some Panic 3.0 news and tour dates, along with sound financial advice from Harvey. If you have listened to our pod before, spring 1996 holds a special place in our collective heart - take a listen to any of the shows and you will certainly see why. From the “Little Rock” in North Little Rock on 3/22/96 to he “Fishwater > Help Me Somebody” encore in Charlottesville on 4/28/96, the tour has some of the highest highs that the band ever reached. Plus, we are less than FOUR months away from Panic 3.0 retaking the stage - we can’t wait!Top 5 Spring 1996 Recommendations:3/28 Johnson City: Vacation > Rebirtha > Porch Song3/29 Columbia: Cream Puff War > Hatfield > Arleen4/1 Augusta: A true greatest hits setlist plus a David Blackmon sit-in4/3 Huntsville: The #1 all-time Panic show according to The Bluest Tape4/4 Statesboro: Driving > Chunk of Coal >

  • 111: I'm From Texas, So I Didn't Ski, I Watched Perry Mason

    26/01/2021 Duración: 02h02min

    “I’m From Texas, So I Didn’t Ski...I Watched Perry Mason” Sit n Ski, 25 Years Later JFC, can y’all believe - Sit n Ski was 25 YEARS AGO! A truly monumental event in the history of the band, it was really a pivot point for what the band would become in 1996 and the remainder of the Houser years. The tour started off with a unique format of solo performances by JB and Houser, new songs and covers, along with a heavy dose of David Blackmon on fiddle, but eventually settled into a groove of stomping, hard-driving Panic with the chairs and acoustics cast aside more often than not. While we have talked about the tour a bunch, and played several selections over the years (episodes 42 and 43 from 2018), we will take you through the tour on a show-by-show basis, offering up our respective top five tour moments (only one overlap) and delving into such important issues as insurrection, inauguration, Justin Timberlake, and Raisin’ Cane’s chicken strips. 11 February 1996 - Steamboat Springs, CO - Sheraton Ba

  • 110: We've Been Gone a Long Time

    30/12/2020 Duración: 02h12min

    We’ve Been a Long Time Gone My lands, we were gone a long time, weren’t we? Great to see you all again, everyone. Harvey and Jeff play a little catchup on life, Panic, politics, and such, and then sit down with Scott Whiddon, a Professor of Writing at Transylvania University in Lexington, who also happens to be a damn fine musician. On December 27, Scott will release his new single, “The Ballad of Chris Bell,” about the Big Star founder and Memphis-born singer-songwriter who died way too young in 1978. The guys talk about Scott’s new record and talk a lot about Panic, using Scott’s first show, 12/30/95 in Spartanburg, SC as the jumping off point. While NYE 1995 deservedly gets a ton of praise, the night before is damn fine as well, featuring a lengthy sit-in by John Keane, and some darkness before the New Year’s joy of the next night in Macon, GA. We promise to see more of you in 2021, but until then, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Buy Scott's music and hear more here

  • 109: Holt Team

    20/10/2020 Duración: 03h24min

    Jeff and Harvey discuss the return of the NFL (a few weeks late - time stands still in the quarantine). And then Sam Holt comes back to the podcast to play some scorching hot tunes and also discuss HOME TEAM and what it means. We also talk some more about Todd Nance and discuss his classic tune "Check Me Out (with a Cheeseburger). We would include a song list, but it's too damn long. Just know it's all top-notch. You've waited a long time for this episode - it's a long one, enjoy it. Home Team is a feeling. It is a mindset. We have it,and we like to share it. It is knowing and being proud of who you are, and where you come from. It's what you represent. It is where you are now, and where you are going from here. Home Team is as universal as love, music or art, transcending boundaries of language and vocal expression. Something Home Team is not is a f**k you, negative attitude while walking through this life. Home Team represents moving forward and being positive. Not to the side, not backward, not n

  • 108: That High Hat

    08/09/2020 Duración: 02h53min

    That High Hat Sam Holt joins to discuss Todd Nance Add the loss of Todd Nance to the list of terrible things that have happened in 2020. Jeff and Harvey knock off the rust and discuss how important Todd Nance was to the Widespread Panic sound. And then friend of the pod, Sam Holt, joins Harvey to talk some more about his friendship with Todd and then play some raging Jerry Joseph & Friends stuff and then some great early 90s Panic (what else would you expect from Sam?). Jerry Joseph & Friends 15 September 2001 - Athens, GA - 40 Watt Fastest Horse in Town, Light is Like Water, Gloryland > Drive > Whole Lotta Love > Drive > Climb to Safety (w/ Michael Houser and Todd Nance) 14 February 1992 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre Chilly Water 2 October 1994 - Lexington, KY - Red Mile Racetrack Love Tractor  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 107: A Patchwork Quilt of Life

    14/08/2020 Duración: 01h43min

    A Patchwork Quilt of a Life: Jerry @ 25 It is impossible to believe, but it has been 25 years since we lost Jerry Garcia on August 9, 1995. His life and music paved the way for bands like Panic; his passing may have meant even more, elevating them to bigger tours, bigger venues, and more notoriety as Deadheads looked and longed for a new home. In this episode, we reflect on Garcia’s legacy, what he meant in our own lives, including “where we were” when we found out Jerry had died, and certainly what he meant to Panic. We close out the show with a couple of choice clips featuring two of his longtime collaborators, fellow Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir and bluegrass fiddle legend Vassar Clements. In between, we talk about the ongoing “natty” between 4/3/96 and 10/28/00, Panic’s upcoming “Never Miss a Sunday Show” webcasts, and a few other things as well. As the yahrzeits of both Jerry and Mikey, August 9 and 10 are bittersweet days in the jamband world, but they also give us a chance to reflect and say a qui

  • 106: The Natty is Set

    07/08/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    The Natty Is Set My God, have we FINALLY reached The Natty? By God, we have! It is set. A consensus #1, all time show in 4/3/96 Huntsville, AL vs. the “People’s Champ,” 10/28/00 New Orleans, LA. A sensational standalone show on a sleepy Wednesday night in “The Rocket City” vs. a get-down Saturday night on Halloween weekend in “The Crescent City.” This matchup is really like choosing between your two kids (Harvey and I both have two boys - some days it is easier to choose one you like, though) and will force you, the voting public, to make a tough decision. Other than that, it’s another Bluest Tape, talking domestic bliss, college sports, old TV, and Harvey again berates Jeff for not yet watching “Hamilton.” Oh, and we threw in a killer clip from Summer 99 - I say “HAT-FIELD!” Please make your voice heard and help us pick the winner - vote on Facebook and on Twitter! #1 - April 3, 1996 - Huntsville, AL - VBCC Arena #3 - October 28, 2000 - New Orleans, LA - UNO Lakefront Arena 24 July 1999 - Columbia

  • 105: A Fantabulous Final Four + An Interview with Marq Spusta

    03/07/2020 Duración: 02h27min

    A Fantabulous Final Four + An Interview with Marq Spusta We are super good at recording interviews - and episodes - weeks and/or months ago and dropping them on you all weeks and/or months later. You would think that during the pandemic we’d both have nothing to do but work and yell at people for not wearing masks, but that has not been the case. Life has been hectic, y’all! This week, Jeff and Harvey catch up on things, breakdown the Panic Final Four (chalk, chalk, chalk, and chalk), wax poetic about “Wednesday” shows, and present to you an interview Jeff did with renowned poster artist Marq Spusta, his lifelong friend, basketball teammate, and occasional concert companion. Learn about Marq’s career, his artwork, his inspiration, his time with Panic, that one time he met Solomon Burke, and some recommended listening for troubling times. Admittedly, we did this interview way back in March, but I’ll be damned if we still don’t have this pandemic going on. I guess we can’t just wish it away, can we? Please

  • 104: The Elite 8 Unveiling + Jupiter Coyote

    07/05/2020 Duración: 02h32min

    The Elite 8 Unveiling + Jupiter Coyote Okay, we are down to the Elite 8 in our “A Panic Sweet 16 for the COVID-19” bracket to determine the “best” Panic show ever. We recap the results from the last matchups in the tourney and preview the monsters coming up, including the Battle for Alabama, Jeff’s best show ever vs. Harvey’s best show ever, NOLAWeen 2000 v Sit n Ski, and just maybe, quite possibly, the “best” Panic show ever from May 1999 v a classic NYE show. Whew! After the bracket breakdown, we share the long overdue interview Harvey conducted on NYE with the band Jupiter Coyote who, after well over 20 years in the game, are still making some great music and treating their fans to fantastic live shows. Stay tuned for the interview plus a super special treat that the band shared with us just for you. Enjoy! Please make your voice heard and help us pick the winner - vote on Facebook and on Twitter! T. Lavitz Bracket 1. 4/3/96 Hunstville AL 9. 7/29/01 Pelham AL Todd Nance Bracket 4. 5/7/97 Louisville K

  • 103: Panic Sweet 16 part 3

    13/04/2020 Duración: 01h48min

    A Panic Sweet 16 for the COVID-19: The George McConnell and The Danny the Angry Sound Man Brackets Here’s the right side of the Widespread Panic Sweet 16 bracket, eight killer shows that, if you haven’t heard them or don’t know about them, why are you reading this and listening to us? You must not get any of our terrible jokes, or any of our snarky references to “Dark Day Program,” “Coach,” and “Sparks Fly.” This is a recording of a Facebook Live we did a week or so ago, so apologies if our references are already dated. Enjoy! Please make your voice heard and help us pick the winner - vote on Facebook and on Twitter! George McConnell Bracket 6. 1/20/96 Boulder CO 11. 9/28/95 Knoxville TN 3. 10/28/00 New Orleans LA 14. 11/20/01 Johnson City TN Danny the Angry Sound Man Bracket 7. 12/31/97 Atlanta GA 10. 11/17/98 Northampton MA 2. 5/5/99 N. Myrtle Beach SC 15. 4/27/99 Jacksonville FL* = official band release 27 April 1999 - Jacksonville, FL - Moran Theater Driving > Weak Brain > Jam > Driv

  • 102: Panic Sweet 16 part 2

    02/04/2020 Duración: 58min

    A Panic Sweet 16 for the COVID-19 The Todd Nance Bracket As promised, here’s our Widespread Panic Sweet 16 bracket of what we and the band think are the “best” 16 shows in the band’s history (yes, we know, some of our choices are debatable, but take us to task on Twitter!). The 16 includes 11 shows officially released by the band and 5 at-large concerts from the years 1989 to 2001. We continue the tournament in the lower left part of the bracket - named for the band’s original drummer, Todd Nance - with the #4 v #13 and #5 v #12 matchups. Please make your voice heard and help us pick the winner - vote on Facebook and on Twitter! Todd Nance Bracket 5. 12/1/00 Carbondale IL - SIU Arena^ 12. 10/20/98 Colorado Springs CO - City Auditorium^ 4. 5/7/97 Louisville KY - The Palace Theater& 13. 4/8/89 Valdosta GA - The Armory^ ^ = official band release, automatic selection & = at-large bid 08 April 1989 - Valdosta, GA - The Armory Jam > Eliza’s Apt. > A of D > B of D > Impossible

  • 101: Panic Sweet 16 for COVID-19

    27/03/2020 Duración: 01h20min

    A Panic Sweet 16 for the COVID-19 The T. Lavitz Bracket As promised, here’s our Widespread Panic Sweet 16 bracket of what we and the band think are the “best” 16 shows in the band’s history (yes, we know, some of our choices are debatable, but take us to task on Twitter!). The 16 includes 11 shows officially released by the band and 5 at-large concerts from the years 1989 to 2001. We get started off in the upper left part of the bracket - named for the first and shortest tenured keyboardist in the band’s history, T. Lavitz - with the #1 v #16 and #8 v #9 matchups. Please make your voice heard and help us pick the winner - vote on Facebook and on Twitter! T. Lavitz Bracket 1. 4/3/96 Huntsville AL - VBCC^ 16. 7/11/95 Columbia MO - The Blue Note^ 8. 9/8/97 Montreal QUE - Club Soda^ 9. 7/29/01 Pelham AL - Oak Mountain^ ^ = official band release, automatic selection 11 July 1995 - Columbia, MO - The Blue Note Radio Child > Maggot Brain > Heaven > Proving Ground  See

  • 100: A Big Show for Unprecedented Times

    20/03/2020 Duración: 02h47min

    A Big Show for Unprecedented Times The Bluest Tape @ 100 Well, it took us almost three years, but we finally have made it to our 100th episode! Congrats to us and congrats to you all for sticking with us through all the talk about appliance repair, existential dread, whining about Kentucky basketball, Memphis-related conspiracy theories, and, perhaps most important, the pod’s evolution in how we think about Panic 3.0. So, episode 100 is a really big show. Not only did we do a live Facebook stream of our video chat, we drop some uncirculated Panic, an analog pull from deep inside the vault, aka “The Closet in Jeff’s Childhood Bedroom.” We also play two really incredible selections from May 23, 1995 in Santa Ana, CA, towards the end of a massive spring tour. The band is in tip-top shape here, and really pushes the limits with a killer first set “Astronomy Domine” (not making it up) and an intense “Chilly > Mr Soul > Chilly” closer. You’re gonna dig it. Then we announce the bracket for our “Sweet 16 for

  • 99: We Fancied Rat Patrol

    12/03/2020 Duración: 02h19min

    We Fancied Rat Patrol: Beacon Residency 2020 Episode #99 hits at a particularly harrowing time in the recent history of our nation. The NBA is on hiatus. March Madness will be played in arenas in front of moms, dads, ballboys, and janitors, and no one else. Tom Hanks - FREAKING TOM HANKS - has the damn virus. End times? Nope. Just 2020, the best year ever. Well, despite the darkness, at least we still have some Widespread Panic to talk about. The band just completed its first five-nights-in-a-row RESIDENCY in many, many years - five nights, no repeats, and a return back to the 9 song first set, 9-10 song second, and 2 song encore format that served this band so well for so long. We discuss all five shows, but focus on the first and fifth nights. Harvey takes a deep dive in the 2nd set of night one for an old school combo kicking off with “Blight,” while Jeff waxes poetic about the 2nd set in night five, including a killer “Hatfield” with an all time JB rap about Hatfield’s mama and random TV shows and movi

  • 98: Why Do We Even Exist?

    11/02/2020 Duración: 03h11min

    Why Do We Even Exist? A Very Special, Existential Bluest Tape Yep, we ask this question and many more in this, our 98th episode of The Bluest Tape. What ostensibly began as an episode to discuss the recent Panic en la Playa Nueve turns into a discussion about washer/dryer repair and the very nature of this podcast that you are about to tune into. We go DEEP. But, we also talk about PELP, and another great PELP it was, really turning into a family reunion in some ways, not just for the fans, but the band as well, too. It was a very loose, very loose four show run, kicked off with an epic “Lawyers Guns & Money” opener and shutting it down with “Last Dance > Porch Song.” Take a ride with us through these four shows and stick around for a discussion best suited for your freshman year Philosophy 100 discussion section. Links below go to whole show streams from the good folks at Panicstream 24 January 2020 - Riviera Maya, MX - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lawyers, Guns, & Money > Chilly Water >

  • 97: Everyone Gets a Second Chance

    15/01/2020 Duración: 02h14min

    Everyone Gets A Second Chance 2020 Is Upon Us First time we’ve recorded in a while and so much has gone on, most notably, Panic concluding a strong three night run at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta over New Year’s. This episode, we recap the holidays, recap our illnesses, complain about football and basketball referees and the ridiculous amount of replays, and of course, end up talking about Panic. We give the 2019 run a good once over, and then we let Harvey wax poetic about NYE 94 and 95. No surprise, but some pretty good music here. Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream 31 December 2019 - Atlanta, GA - Fabulous Fox Theater 31 December 1994 - Macon, GA - Macon City Auditorium 31 December 1995 - Macon, GA - Macon Coliseum  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 96: Nothing Lasts Forever in the Cold November Rain

    19/11/2019 Duración: 01h42min

    Nothing Lasts Forever in the Cold November Rain Montana, November 2000 We recorded this episode in the midst of a driving Memphis rain storm and a 25+ degree temperature drop on Veteran’s Day, so tipping our cap to the great W. Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour seemed appropo. We dropped a new format for our Halloween 2019 recap and promptly cast it aside for a return to the old format. Sorry! This week, we have two great examples from Fall Tour 2000 - a couple of unheralded shows from the State of Montana. 11/10/00 finds at Montana State University in Bozeman for a killer trio of mid-first set songs. The next night (11/11/00), we head over to the University of Montana in Missoula for a smokin’, cover-laden encore that has a little bit of everything: killer sound, Schools’ bombs, engaged JB, and so much more. Absolutely love this segment! Along the way, we talk about spring 2020 tour, the Black Crowes reunion, the end of Matt Bevin, and the mess that the University of Memphis finds itself in. #freewiseman

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