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  • IR: Portugal 23

    27/09/2014 Duración: 27min

    In September the finest independent music by Portuguese artists is made by rock, two songs in Portuguese, one instrumental and the opening track that have been making people in the Azores islands real crazy. Rodrigo is actually very proud of this show, as two of the songs you are going to listen are by artists […]

  • IR: Portugal 22 (re-repost)

    17/08/2014 Duración: 25min

    The return of Insomnia Radio: Portugal brings you five of the hottest tracks in Portugal at the moment, including an introduction to the best 2013 Portuguese album, as well as great tracks for you to dance, enjoy the sunset and one of the most recent sensations in the country. Enjoy the 22nd show of the […]

  • IR: Portugal Metal 2


    Insomnia Radio: Portugal Metal gets its hands on the second show dedicated to hard music by Portuguse artists. Instrumental music, hardcore, real hard hardcore and heavy rock. It’s here in a five track playlist showing what’s hot at the moment in Portugal’s heavy music. 1: mrOctopus – Katee goes kayakking (name your price at Bandcamp) […]

  • IR: Portugal 21


    The 21st show of Insomnia Radio: Portugal brings you another eclectic mix of the finest independent music by Portuguese artists. Folk, electronic, pop and rock. Also notice releases under Creative Commons Licence and a band who recently won a national contest for independent bands. 1: Electric Willow – Stir (buy from the lable Honeysound) 2: […]

  • IR: Portugal #20


    In the weekend I’m celebrating 7 years of podcasting, I couldn’t let this date pass without putting up another show with the finest independent music from Portugal. Have a great 2013. 1: Carl Mendes – Cheer Up Gloom 2: October Flight – Make You Mine 3: Rainy Days Factory – All About Love 4: Thomas […]

  • IR: Portugal Metal 1


    Welcome to the official first show of Insomnia Radio: Portugal Metal. Wonderful hard-rock and metal from Portugal is coming your way. 1: Phazer – I’ve Been Shot (Buy and download for free at Bandcamp) 2: HU – Long John (buy at Bandcamp or contact the band for the tape) 3: Machinergy – Machinevil (Free download […]

  • IR: Portugal #19 (Voltámos)


    After another long break, we’re back to the finest independent music from Portugal. Hosted from the Azores islands, by Rodrigo, the 19th show features some recent releases, as also releases from previous years. Recorded on the International Music Day, we couldn’t ask for a better celebration, could we? 1: The Mystery Artist – The Grave […]

  • IR: Portugal 18 – Let’s Start a Fire


    The 18th edition of the show that brings you the finest independent music by Portuguese artists has a special feature on band that work with our friend Raquel Lains and Let’s Start a Fire. 1: a Jigsaw – The Strangest Friend 2: You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – I’ve Been Lost 3: Lousy Guru – […]