Podcast - Giuseppe Castani



"I do not play house, Trance, Progressive or classics. I play simply Techno! - Giuseppe, August 2016The likeable Sicilian, born and raised in Frankfurt / Germany, is listening to techno since 1990. From there on, he was fascinated by all kinds of electronic music. In the legendary Paramount Park, he was a weekly guest from 1999 to 2001. However, a key moment at Rhein Main alarm was in December 2001. A DJ in the Mirage was playing tracks of Sven Väth, Tomaz vs. Filterheadz and Speedy J. After the closure of the Paramount Park in 2002, he started visiting the U60311. He addicted to the harder version of techno and was able to be a part of the beginning of modern club culture.In 2003 he had the ability to play at the decks himself, so he started to gain experience. He started his music career under the DJ name "Leary". After small gigs in the Rhine-Main area and nationwide - e.g. U-bar, Tanzhaus West (former Space Place), Saarland Radio (Unser Ding) or Hot In Saarbrücken - he founded his own booking agency "Evolution Beatz" to have a release- and booking-base in early 2005.In 2005 he began his radio show De:Leary:um on Shouted.FM (the largest internet radio station in Germany). After a very short time and thanks Shouted.FM" the show got an enormous feedback, which was probably due to his friendly, relaxed and charismatic presentation skills. Sven Wittekind, Brian Sanhaji, Frank Sonic, Jan Liefhebber and DJ Amok were some of the guests in his monthly show, which was produced by him until the end of 2007.Also in 2007 a career highlight happened by joining the agency "Abstract". Well-known headliners like Sven Wittekind, Arkus P, Robert Natus and Kaoz were part of the agency. Gigs in many popular Clubs like U60311, Dom im Berg Graz/Austria, Elektroküche Köln or Butan Wuppertal were some of the highlights.In 2008 Giuseppe changed his DJ name from "Leary" to Giuseppe Castani. Due to the advancing technology regarding digital DJing, he moved over to the Native Instruments products. The growing world of digital media in conjunction with more freedom, better sound and production quality in the implementation of the sets opened up new possibilities in terms of compilation, organization and optimization of the performance. Meanwhile, Giuseppe plays completely digital and over the years he always remained up-to-date at the level of current technology.For many Years, he successfully played at big events like Nature One, Airbeat One, Electric City and more.Since 2012, releases at Beatport on different labels are available. His style while producing is always energetic, melodic and straight and covers parts of Trance and progressive sounds. Please visit Giuseppe Castani at Beatport for previews. Today, Giuseppe can look back to impressive 15 Years of musical career, with changing and challenging different styles. Due to the advanced technology, he finally started to refresh the 90ies sound and to mix successfully - and in high quality - Eurodance tracks. I grow up with that music, and the 90ies were an energetic, interesting and turbolent time period and I was so happy, to live feel that. That´s why I went back to Eurodance. Actually, he is releasing his 90ies Session mixing series, covering the old Rave, Trance and Eurodance Sounds. The newest Set has been released in November 2016. But still, his passion for all main different styles of Techno is still unbroken. He is of course still releasing pumping and groovy DJ Sets. Visit Soundcloud.com/giuseppe_castani for actual sets. Booking requests are taken at all time at: www.facebook.com/gcastani