Casserole X



Do you like music? smothered with cheese?


  • Episode 3: The Chilling Moon


    CasseroleX–Episode3 Episode 3’s title is a joke, not some attempt to be gothy or jump on the Twilight bandwagon.  This episode contains a couple new bands, an old band, and plenty of bounce. Advertisements

  • Second Episode


    Britpop Twee, Punk, and more, including a story about rural Midwesterners scoffing at delicious hummus. Here it is: CasseroleX–Episode2 In other news, you can now subscribe to Casserole X podcast episodes through iTunes.

  • Episode 1: Stuck


    The Casserole X debut episode features songs stuck in my head…some new, some old, all solid gold. Episode 2 brings a few more songs and a story. Listen or download (right-click and save) here: Casserole X — Episode 1