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  • In Session | Jam N Groove (April 2019)

    14/04/2019 Duración: 01h03min

    Back in Session. Jam and Groove to the head nod grooves..... x

  • 22.04 - Digital Soul Sessions (House with SOUL) DIET VERSION

    22/04/2018 Duración: 01h04min

    One and bit hours of House music. No groovy hats/face masks... no fancy hands in the air... no horns... no politics... no shout outs.... no labels... no tits in your face logos.... no naked birds in general in to draw you in.... no pretentious i am the hot shit attitude... no lasers... no smoke machines... no cage dancers... no glitter balls... no disco balls... No guns out... No pretty boy looks! THE LIST COULD GO ON!!!! its just house music... me in my shorts... in my label less t-shirt, singing away at 8am... bopping around... and loving the tunes and doing it because i love the feeling of the tunes and what it means for me! After some tech issues last night i had to record again this morning at a diet level. If you wanna have a listen and feel like this is your groove, share it around and let the love in with others that feel the same... Catch me every week at 8PM GMT on SOUL CENTRAL RADIO If you don't, i don't mind either way, and respect you equally! x

  • In Session | 90's House 'N' Garage (Vol 1)

    26/03/2018 Duración: 01h53s

    Welcoming you back for In Session, and im going back... wayyyyy back! To the 90's. My era for what i grew up on the (IMO) the best era for House music and still love till this day. Track selections this month varies in 90s, from many Iconic Artists and Labels that shaped the future. There will be a 1080P Live Video link uploaded to Youtube... so please check it out! :) J 77 - UK (Devon) based House DJ who loves House music in its soulful form's. Catch my weekly residence on the UKs fastest growing station https://www.soulcentralradio.co.uk/ every Saturday 20:00/22:00 GMT. Digital Soul Session is a showcase of Classic, #soulfulhouse #discohouse #funky classics from the past to the latest promos that are currently rocking the world. Also catch my In Session mixes, that focus on the #deephouse selection, where it resides on the http://thambj.wixsite.com/mbjworldmixradio, as well as acknowledgment to the past of my #usgrage taste from the past and showcasing #garage and #bassline tracks of the prese