11th Hour Radio



On the 11th of every month, your Tag Team Champions of the World, The 11th Hour (Jason Knize, K-Nice if ur Nasty and The Guzmaniac, Jose Guzman) bring you 2+ hours of awesome music from their iTunes libraries centered around a specific theme, and The Guzmaniac provides you with 11 Facts about the songs and artists.


  • 11th Hour Radio: 5 Years Later


    11th Hour Radio returned last month after a five-year hiatus, and a LOT has happened in half of a decade. This episode, your Tag Team Champions look back on the past five years in music, and reveal what they've been listening to since they've been off the air.

  • 11th Hour Radio: Don't Call It a Comeback


    WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! 11th Hour Radio returns with a playlist of songs celebrating the triumphant comeback of your favorite music podcast!

  • 11th Hour Radio #102: Man of Steel


    This week marks the triumphant return of The Last Son of Krypton to the big screen, and your Tag Team Champions of the World are celebrating Superman in a big way, with a musical tribute to the Man of Steel. Warning: Do NOT tug on Superman's cape.

  • 11th Hour Radio #101: Company Ink


    This episode is dedicated to those musicians who ignored the old adage that you don't sh-- where you eat. For some, it worked out, for others, it didn't, and often lead to breakups and makeups. Join your Tag Team Champions of The World for this episode of music featuring some of the best and worst hookups in music history.

  • 11th Hour Radio #100: Soundtracks, Vol. IV


    It took them over 2 years to accomplish, but your Tag Team Champions of the World have finally reached their 100 Episode Milestone, and to celebrate, they're breaking out movie music again, only this time, featuring great musical performances from film history. We've got The D, Spinal Tap, Wyld Stallyns, and more! If Lemmy is God, and "God Gave Rock & Roll to You", then Lemmy gave Rock & Roll to you.