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Rootwork Collective is an international family of underground musicians working in genres as diverse as Metal, Hip Hop, Industrial, IDM/Experimental, Ambient, and much more.Rootwork Radio is broadcast on every Sunday at 12:00 PM (Pacific/US), 2:00 PM (Central US), 3:00 PM (East/US), 4:00 PM (Bolivia [we hope]), 8:00 PM (UK), 21:00 (CET), 22:00 (Finland), Midnight/0:00 (Dubai)


  • Rootwork Radio June 7, 2020

    09/06/2020 Duración: 01h24s

    A weekly mix of artists past and present from the Rootwork Collective. Todays mix by David Geest 1. Karigen With You 2. Mrs. Dink Making My Bones 3. Semmath Intro Of An Unruly Order 4. Effector Modern Shifter 5. Karmadog Muon 6. Beautiful Cobalt Facts of the Real Fiction; The Demise of LuLu May 7. Mechanoreceptor Machine City (Kult - Metropolis Part One) 8. Spectre King Funky Beatless 9. The Smoking POTS! We're All Going To Die 10. Four Dimensional Nightmare Beta Drumfish 11. Savka Zolpidem Mindfucked 12. Skin Contact Antitrust 13. Boyss 1999 14. Tantrick Ape Rangewars

  • Rootwork Radio 05-31-20

    31/05/2020 Duración: 01h02min

    The weekly Rootwork Radio Podcast for 05-31-2020. Thank you everyone for sticking by me. GG 5-31-20

  • Rootwork Radio 20200524

    24/05/2020 Duración: 01h22s

    1. Four Dimensional Nightmare Nuclear Visions On The Beach 2. The Smoking POTS! Don't Panic 3. Mrs Dink Runit 4. De Ja Fuz Victoria 5. Lipid Storage Disorder Victoria Day 2017 (feat Thorsten Wald) 6. Boyss Tone2 Icarus (Factory) Demo 7. The Gary Goblins Life Of A Clock 8. TR21 after all 9. Neebatelna Fox wants to believe 10. Bacila & Senex Space Contact 11. Baøbab 8. 12. Cimitero sensza croci E intorno a lui fu morte (early mix) 13. Dominik Martian as i saw her again