Fired Up! The Gospel Of Jesus - Grace Umc



The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a story of hope, suffering and Resurrection! Over four weeks, we will discuss holiness, grace and the passion to serve others. Are we fired up for Christ, or has our faith faded? Be on fire for Christ and help us transform the world for Him.


  • From Survival to Revival


    We were made to Thrive! God created us to be in relationships with Him and each other. Sadly, many of us barely survive spiritually. Open you hearts to the Spirit and know that God calls us to a life of faith, hope and joy.

  • Works of Piety and Mercy


    What is our obligation and calling to serve others? It is a personal choice, or is there a larger purpose involved? The church today needs to be on the front lines of serving our neighbors. Our neighbors can be down the street, in the city or around the world. We have numerous opportunities to serve here at Grace, but do not be limited by those experiences. Chart your own course as well.

  • All About Grace


    What is grace? Do we need grace in our lives? God is constantly at work around and among us. In our midst, the Holy Spirit leads, guides and sustains us. We are given the grace of God (His mercy, love and compassion), not because of who we are, but because of who God is! Celebrate today the God who was, is and will be with us.

  • Heartwarming Experiences


    The Holy Spirit continues to guide and lead us. Once we accept Salvation as a free gift from God, it does not mean we are at the end of the journey. On the contrary, we are just beginning our new life in Christ. As such, we seek confirmations of the Spirit moving in our lives, and for some, we seek assurance of our Salvation. Know the grace and love of God and share it!