Surviving In America



Being Black in America is an exhausting exercise that we perform daily. We have yet to figure out the best way to navigate the perils of this journey, so we discuss topics critical to our culture to help us cope. We attempt to cope in order to survive. Hosted by Jones and Armani.This is Surviving in America. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:


  • Episode 16: Triple F Life

    04/08/2017 Duración: 01h14min

    Forgiveness, Fun & Faith. Early on, Jones and Armani discuss black women running the music world (shout out SZA & Cardi) as well as recent episodes of 'Insecure'. Armani feels like black men need to see Lawrence forgive Issa on the show. Thoughts? Midway through the duo debut a new segment titled "On Punishment", and detail their summer highlights - including Jones's three acts of summer. Things get heated toward the end of the episode as they discuss the impact of religion in relationships. Stay tuned for the follow up in episode 17. This is Surviving in America.

  • Episode 15: A Little Bit of Everything

    05/05/2017 Duración: 55min

    Hey you. In Episode 15, Jones and Armani discuss a bunch of recent happenings in the culture. The duo touch on new albums, the Met Gala, interracial dating, Big Baller Brand, and some other things. They also debut a new segment titled 'Community Spotlight'. We want to hear from you! Send either of us a voice memo with your questions or comments and we'll respond to them in the episode. Or call in live to be a guest and have your POV heard. This is Surviving in America.