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Village Bible Church is a Christian, protestant, evangelical, non-denominational church seeking to make disciples of Jesus. Our mission drives us to find ways to reach our community. In 2008, God called Village to a new vision through the adoption of two other area churches in Aurora and Shabbona. In 2013, God opened the door to the launch of a Spanish-speaking campus, and our El Camino campus was born. Each of our locations are connected as one, despite physical distance, because each has a similar dynamic worship experience, including "personal touches" such as live bands and campus pastoral teams. The teaching pastors at each campus preach through the same sermon series bringing continuity across all locations. The pastors of all campuses meet weekly to collaborate with each other regarding ministry locally and church-wide. People who attend Village Bible Church will find the quality of a large church with the intimacy and personal interaction of a smaller church.


  • Remember (Part 1) (Audio)

    Remember (Part 1) (Audio)


    Big Idea: God is wonderfully good, and He lavishes His children with awesome benefits. Bless the Lord! The Benefits of Following God1.  Forgiveness (vv. 3a, 12)       •  Many people minimize their sin and/or manage their sin.       •  We must realize...

  • How to Worship Amidst the Storms of Life (Audio)

    How to Worship Amidst the Storms of Life (Audio)


    It is great to be with you again as we continue our “Village at Home Digital Worship Services.” I have the great privilege of serving here as lead pastor and it is my great honor to kick off our new sermon series, Summer Playlist. We’re going to be...

  • Why Thomas Stopped Doubting (Audio)

    Why Thomas Stopped Doubting (Audio)


    1.  Thomas wanted proof he should believe (vv. 24-25).       •  Thomas heard the disciples' testimony.       •  Thomas refused to believe without evidence. 2.  Jesus is the proof each believer needs (vv. 26-29).       •  Jesus shows Thomas the...

  • The Raising of Lazarus (Audio)

    The Raising of Lazarus (Audio)


    One gift God has never really blessed me with is the gift of art. I’m not good at it and never have been, but I appreciate it. I appreciate seeing something that is so detailed, with such great design behind it. One form of artwork that has always...

  • Jesus Walks on Water (Audio)

    Jesus Walks on Water (Audio)


    We’ve come to the story of Jesus walking on the water in John 6. Let me read verses 16 through 21: 16 When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, 17 got into a boat, and started across the sea to Capernaum. It was now dark, and Jesus had...

  • Jesus: Gods Answer to Our Desires (Audio)

    Jesus: God's Answer to Our Desires (Audio)


    Open God’s Word to John 6, as we continue in our series “Hit Reset: Seeing our dead ends as divine opportunities.” Today we’re coming to a passage that is remarkable, so I’m looking forward to our time together in God’s Word today. Thus far we’ve...

  • True Healing Over False Holiness (Audio)

    True Healing Over False Holiness (Audio)


    1.  Jesus cares about our physical well-being.       •  Jesus knows our story.       •  Jesus hears our supplication.       •  Jesus heals sometimes. 2.  Jesus commands spiritual repentance.     Repentance is...       •  Turning from sin       • ...

  • The Healing of the Officials Son (Audio)

    The Healing of the Official's Son (Audio)


    There are words in a popular song that’s recorded as a prayer that go like this: Bring him peace, bring him joy He’s young, he’s only a boy You can take, you can give Let him be, let him live. If I die, let me die But let him live Bring him...

  • Jesus is Gods Answer to Our Disappointment (Audio)

    Jesus is God's Answer to Our Disappointment (Audio)


    Please turn to the Gospel of John as we kick off a brand new series that we’ve entitled, “Hit Reset: Seeing our dead ends as divine opportunities.” Now let’s be honest. These last days haven’t been easy. If we’re really honest, we realize we have hit...

  • Givers (Audio)

    Givers (Audio)


    1.  Be different. Go against the status quo (14, 15). 2.  Be diligent. Follow through with your commitments (16, 17). 3.  Be discerning. Giving is part of worship (18).     *The Philippians gave prayer, people, and provisions. 4.  Be done. Stop...

  • Whatever God Gives is Good Enough (Audio)

    Whatever God Gives is Good Enough (Audio)


    1.  Our joy is in the Lord who gives us opportunities to serve each other. 2.  Our joy is in the Lord who gives us contentment. 3.  Our joy is in the Lord who gives us strength in any circumstance.

  • The Finish Line Tells Us How to Run (Audio)

    The Finish Line Tells Us How to Run (Audio)


    Let me tell you a little bit about what last Sunday looked like for me and my family in our home. It was one of the most unique Easter Sundays we’ve ever experienced. We stayed home all day, which was not something we normally do, which is usually...

  • Two Ways to Live (Audio)

    Two Ways to Live (Audio)


    Easter. The time when our Lord and Savior, after enduring the cross, after enduring betrayal and abuse and a criminal’s death, would be placed in the grave as a dead man. But His body was not to decompose or decay. On that third and glorious day, He...

  • Mindset (Audio)

    Mindset (Audio)


    We’ve been walking through the book of Philippians in our series entitled “Relentless Joy” and I’ve been thankful to the Lord for it. I don’t know about you, but especially in our day and age, God in His sovereignty has seen fit to bring us to this...

  • Are You Surviving or Thriving? (Audio)

    Are You Surviving or Thriving? (Audio)


    We’ve called our series “Relentless Joy,” because Philippians is a book about finding joy amidst any of life’s difficult circumstances. This morning we’ll be looking at Philippians 3:1-11, but I want to begin by asking are you surviving or are you...

  • How Do You Spell Relief? (Audio)

    How Do You Spell Relief? (Audio)


    Turn in your Bible to Philippians 2. We’ve entitled this series “Relentless Joy,” which began in January. We’re studying this four-chapter letter written by the Apostle Paul to a church in the city of Philippi, which is located in modern-day Greece...

  • Our Faithful God in Our Unfaithful World (Audio)

    Our Faithful God in Our Unfaithful World (Audio)


    In these unfaithful times, we must recognize the... 1.  Chaos we face.     Our chaotic lives...       •  Are difficult       •  Lead to disappointment       •  Cause us to despair       •  Take place for different reasons 2.  Counterfiets we turn...

  • Gods Gym (Audio)

    God's Gym (Audio)


    Turn in your Bible to Philippians. We’re in a series titled “Relentless Joy.” We’re learning what it means to have joy in all contexts and circumstances, and yes, even in all of life’s crises. The Apostle Paul is writing from prison to a church he...

  • I Wanna Be Like ______! (Audio)

    I Wanna Be Like ______! (Audio)


    Turn in your Bibles to Philippians 2. We’re in a series we’ve entitled “Relentless Joy” and are on a journey to find the joy we’re missing and which the world advertises but leaves us wanting more. As Christ-followers, we have come to realize the more...

  • How Are Followers of Jesus Like Velcro? (Audio)

    How Are Followers of Jesus Like Velcro? (Audio)


    The year was 1941 and a man named George de Mestral—someone most, if not all of us, have never heard of—went out for a walk with his dog. It was an enjoyable walk, but when he returned, he noticed something that was very annoying. He had burrs from...

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