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We provide conversations that inform, entertain and empower ordinary people everywhere to stop settling for less in life and go for it! You have the power at every moment to make your world a better place by simply making better choices, or not. It is entirely up to you. We will explore a variety of things that relate to the good life, from good music, food, friends and family relationships to good books, good cars, good hobbies, good vacations, good careers and even good attitudes, good worldviews and good philosophies that make a difference in the results you produce as you strive to make your world a better place and yourself a better person enjoying a better life.
Always remember, when you are moving in the right direction, things fall together. When you are moving in the wrong direction, things fall apart.
Consider this excerpt from William Wilder's book:
----- Part II -----

The Technology of Accomplishment

----- To Do Daily -----

1. Begin each day reflecting on whay you want and why.
2. Focus your attention on your reasons why.
3. Release your attachment to the outcome.
4. Shift your attitude to allow the universe to handle the details, declaring everything beyond your control is a detail.
5. Notice what there is to do next and do it.
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