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The Podcasts of Violette, an international escort, traveling the world for business and pleasure.


  • On Tour with Violette-Waterford Files


    Well, started my tour on Sunday in the lovely little town of Waterford. As usual it is filled with ups, downs, idiots, and TW. No surprise there, it is Waterford after all. On Tour with Violette-Waterford Advertisements

  • Violette’s Tour Update-March


    Just a quick tour update for March. Violette’s Tour Update

  • Violette’s Prepday


    Well, it is crunch time, the day before beginning a big tour, I like to get all the bits sorted, the waxing, the plucking, the hair and nails. This is just a quick update of what it takes to keep on top of it all. 🙂 Violette’s Prepday

  • Interview in Barcelona


    An open in depth interview with Peter, a long time worldwide punter in Barcelona at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

  • Sunday Morning with Violette


    Sunday mornings are a favorite of mine, I love the peace and quiet it offers. I love to sit and just organize my thoughts and my week. Especially when it is the week of an upcoming tour. I need to organize the home front, the business front, and the tour front as well. So, finding […]

  • Interview with Brian


    A professional independent traveling escort-yup that's right, you read that part correctly, I am an escort, as in selling providing a very up close and personal service for my gentlemen clients. ;)