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Windows in Your Mind is a present time journey into the imagional realm of reality. This show encompasses the wonders of who we are as a collective Humanity of divine origins. We have begun a new calendar and another 25,000 year cycle, which brings us to the middle of an intergalactic conversation and we need to know what is being said! We are looking though a window into the evolving of consciousness, seeking and exploring the mysterious nature of time, and how we perceive and measure the passing of it. This show will explore a broad range of topics in discovery of our place in the cosmos and the Quantum World that will reveal the wisdom of our ancient history as well as our future. We are in the field of infinite possibilities, so let's live the dream!


  • Pa'Ris'Ha Live from Mexico!


    Even when the sound quality is not that great, Pa'Ris'Ha delivers more insightful messages on her humanitarian journey of helping children. Learn how you can create by stepping outside of your self to be connected to the Universe.

  • Aleya Annaton, The Technology of God:


    Pa'Ris'Ha interviews Aleya Annaton, author of The Technology of God: A Quest for the Secret of Creation. Pa'Ris'Ha is back filling us in on such important current events, such as the border, immigration and even the FreeMasons. Get the whole scoop of Pa'Ris'Ha insight on Windows in Your Mind!

  • Confused about Current Affairs?


    Pa'Ris'Ha is back filling us in on such important current events, such as the border, immigration and even the FreeMasons. Get the whole scoop of Pa'Ris'Ha insight on Windows in Your Mind!

  • Don't let Conflict Overcome Joy


    Pa'Ris'Ha delivers another amazing dialog about today's events and not getting caught up in the conflicts. Every day, we must make a choice to find at least one thing that brings us to joy and that will keep us emotionally healthy. This is the greater understanding of peace and will fulfill you every day of your life.

  • Diving into the Quantum Space that you can claim!


    Pa'Ris'Ha speaks to each persons uniqueness, and the ability to seize the moment of quantum science. You can claim what you are seeing and bless it for awakening the conscious mind. This show also is about the command of the many prophets to evolve beyond their wisdom, and the importance of knowing we are all here to make a difference.

  • We Are All A Product of the Universe


    There is something extraordinary about having a body... even feeling it knowing how vast and complex the universe is... we are still a part of it. Quantum Physics shows the probability that we truly are one and this show delivers the mystery and magic of being alive at this very precious moment of time.

  • Honor each Other, Respect each other


    PaRisHa shares the importance of knowing our Oneness as humanity, and the importance of coming together in our honoring of each other and God/Creator/Universal-Intelligence in this time of celebrations by the many religions around the world, not just at holiday times, but every day.

  • It's Your Choice to be in Harmony with Humanity


    Pa'Ris'Ha talks once again about turning off the mainstream media and placing you attention on things that fill the soul. It is, from time to time, necessary to witness the news, but just don't get stuck. Focusing on Wars or Nuclear wars is determental to your well-being. Pa'Ris"ha also talks about the death of Steven Hawkins and other things in order for you to stay center and to choose the mindset that will move you forward.

  • The Significance of Spring Planning for Ceremonial Sun Dance


    Parisha talks about the difference between the entertainment that makes a PowWow and the deep spiritual aspect of the Sun Dance. The Sun Dance allows for evolvement through the cycles of the Moon and Sun. Very fascinating and something that will move your spirit.

  • Million Meditation -- Helping the world to be calm


    Parisha talks about how the simple things we do affects the collective Consciousness to benefit all, including animals. We are striving for a Peaceful Planet!

  • Preparing for Spring's New Cycle


    Parisha talks about some really interesting things this episode and how we can stop fearing all the mumbo-jumbo out in the world. She talks about Climate change where scientists dig down deep in the ice to reveal thousands of years of climate activities. The results always show that there have been numerous climate changes and that everything is normal. The danger is not there. She also talks of gun reform as well as the indigenous nations thinking behind all this.

  • The Universe is in You.


    Parisha talks aobut Quantum physics that the body systems replicate and the gathering of all the principles information that we think. There is an intelligence that works through you and others to bring about the manifestation of your environment and even your world. Hence, YOU are the Universe!

  • North Korea, Politics and Planting Seeds


    Pa'Ris'Ha dives into the Politically correct and incorrect, knowing that both sides must come together. She celebrates the amazing feat of North and South Korea in the Olympic games. This is a positive stance in moving forward. She moves onto politics and attempts to quiet the fear of people. Knowing the goodness of mankind, just watch history taking place. Be an observer and do not judge to get the optimal benefits of this historical time.

  • Simple Every Day Events Expand Consciousness


    Pa"Ris'Ha once again delivers a deep message that will uplift and keep you going. It's the simple things that will expand your consciousness and everyday you will increase your understanding of how wonderful you are and how great it is to be alive.

  • Learn to Adjust to Robotic Civilization -Dr. Hien Nguyen


    Pa'Ris'Ha talks with Dr. Hien Nguyen, who uses robotics for medical techniques explains how the coming robotic civilization can improve the lives of all. Cited in this is an actual robotic city in Saudia Arabia. GREAT SHOW

  • Time To Expand your Consciousness and Your Life


    Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha goes into great detail about such things as our Energy Density and the I AM power. She says its time to go beyond our daily life and expand into a new way of understanding what life really is. GREAT SHOW!

  • Reconnecting to a Brand New Year!


    Join Parisha as she talks about pledging to do more radio for the upcoming year in her quest to reach more people. Now is the time to keep people informed about the power of their minds as well as the power within. Stay tuned, because the best is yet to be!!

  • Hand Up Not Hand Out


    This week, Pa'Ris'Ha talks about how evolution brings the challenge of change. In change and accepting of change...Everything is Possible. Great show!

  • When You Become Aware of the Significance of You


    Parisha talks about her Cherokee Heritage, indigiousness ceremonys and learning to appreciate the stillness within yourself. Very enlightening show!

  • We Live In A World of Rapid Change


    How do we live through this change? By understanding that the world is evolving based on what you believe to be true. The mantra for today is "I make my thoughts in accordance to what I want my day to be." It's always our choice.

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