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  • Craig Barnes: Heather Gerken


    Heather Gerken, Skelley Wright professor of constitutional law at Yale University, and who has appeared on PBS, testified to congress, written numerous articles, etc., here discusses campaign finance reform and the recent Supreme Court decision that strikes down an Arizona...

  • Craig Barnes: Gary Hart (3rd)


    Former US Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart explores the complexities of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the consequences of our longest military engagements in history, the need to investigate how we got into these wars, and the desperate dysfunction in...

  • Craig Barnes: Andy Schmookler


    Andy Schmookler, author of The Parable of the Tribes and other examinations of American political thought, speculates on the nature of evil, or, to put it differently, the great force for lying, torture, and self interest that has taken possession...

  • Craig Barnes: Terry O'Neill


    Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, discusses the package of legislation that has passed the US House of Representatives during the first session of Congress this year.  From making abortions more expensive, or by slashing programs that...

  • Craig Barnes: Ben Barber (3rd)


    Ben Barber, the author of 17 books on democracy and sometime advisor to a Libyan foundation to establish democracy, evaluates the American military role in Libya, the violations of international law that occur when Moamar Kaddafi himself is targeted, and...

  • Craig Barnes: Gary Hart (2nd)


    Former US Senator Gary Hart discusses the origins of the American republic that at its origins meant public responsibility for citizenship and civic virtue.  “We must earn our rights by the performance of our duties,” quotes Hart, lamenting the loss...

  • Craig Barnes: Jerome Bernstein (3rd)


    Jerome Bernstein, Jungian psychoanalyst, considers the Biblical and historical origins and the deep roots in story that produces the chaos we are in today.  The interplay between justice and equity or moral and ethics leads to a discussion of wisdom...

  • Craig Barnes: Shoaib Rahim


    Afghanistan is a country in cultural transition, caught in war still after 30 years, and is viewed in this conversation by Shoaib Rahim, an Afghan Fulbright scholar who has spent the last year at Duke University. Rahim addresses the contradictions...

  • Craig Barnes: Bill Hogeland


    William Hogeland gives us stories of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence that few of us have heard, including the critical days of May 1776 when mechanics, small shop keepers and privates in the militia banded together with...