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  • New Story - Medicop on Nobilis Erotica


    Okay, so my idea of blogging more than once a month hasn't seen fruition. It's that work thing. I also want to give you more content than "what I had for breakfast this morning" (turkey leftovers) and "what I did on my Thanksgiving weekend". Well, actually, that was pretty interesting. The opportunity to write and podcast the story to which the title refers came about more by accident than design - (see the September blog). Basically, Nobilis, of the Nobilis Erotica podcast, asked the four of us in a chat room one night if we would sub for him for an episode in November while he devoted his time to his NaNoRiMo novel. BTW, he finished it today. Congrats, Nobilis!I haven't written much in science fiction or erotica, but thought, "hell, why not?" Nobilis has a large audience and it would help get my name out there for when I *eventually* podcast my novel. Thanks to Nobilis, his wife, Dee, and Michelle Bekemeyer for giving me some feedback on the story. The writing part was easier than I thought ...Then, I found

  • Chapter 2 of "Bruno and his Imaginary Chickens"


    Hi Gang,Okay, I know I'm way behind on getting this up. Life just got in the way. So, here is Chapter 2 of Wolfgang's story, "Bruno Fenster Saves the World and Still Gets Home in Time for Breakfast". This chapter finds Bruno in the Cafe Lamour meeting a number of interesting characters, getting conscripted into the Army to liberate Urusk, and learning how to tame wild elephants ... all before dinner. The audio isn't perfect, but, hey, it's only the second podcast. I used the same intro and outro as last time and realized that they need to be re-recorded. I have some new equipment and promise to to that for the next one.In the meantime, I want to give a huge shoutout to podcast author JC Hutchins who's podcast novel, "Seventh Son - Descent" just came out today in print. He was somewhere in the high 200's overall on Amazon the last time I looked. You can find it here: . Find him also on I was lucky enough to win an autographed copy of this book tonight when he recorded an interview on Podioracke

  • First Podcast - Bruno Saves the World ...


    Direct Link to First Podcast - Bruno Saves the WorldOkay, this will be a short one because I just wanted to *finally* get this podcast uploaded. Wolfgang has been patiently awaiting his debut and I know better than to disappoint a crazy German. I have to tell you, though, this first one was a bitch! I have nothing but admiration for those podcasters that manage to post polished, seamless, high tech productions! I won't bore you with all the techy complications (of which there were many), but I ended up with a number of different pieces to this file including my intro, the music, Wolfgang's story, my outro, then a promo for the Level Zero Movie with theme song. Lesson number one: use the same mic for all the recorded parts. I used the H2 Zoom for the intro and story, then the Snowball for the outro. Even after using Levelator, the difference in sound quality is obvious. Guess I won't do that again.At least I now know much of what to do differently for the next one. When we get to Chapter 2 of the Bruno story,