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Are you an IT Manager trying to update the infrastructure to meet the business' ever changing needs while at the same time struggling to maintain stability? How to combine flexibility and reliability?Veris Associates, Inc. specializes in helping companies meet the demand of infrastructure evolution and availability through implementation of best practices processes. Our clients can sleep at night. How about you?Listen to the following articles by clicking the "Listen Now" button.


  • Utility Services: The Funnel For Driving IT Request Fulfillment Efficiencies and Savings To The Bottom Line


    David A. ZimmerPractice ManagerCorporate Learning & TrainingVeris Associates, Inc.You know the drill. Someone from the business side makes a demand for new technology. Users have needs unmet because their applications stop working. Servers need to be updated, upgraded, maintained and babysat. The critical business application everyone takes for granted decided to take a vacation during the end of

  • ITIL & ISO/IEC 20000


    Ron PrzywaraITIL Certified ConsultantIT Service ManagementVeris Associates, Inc.I recently received certification for ISO/IEC 20000 at the Foundations (introductory) level and the Professional level for the Management and Improvement of IT Service. My experiences in Service development and implementation for clients and the fun I’ve had teaching ITIL during the past 12 years gives me a great view

  • Getting Control of IT Shared Services - Utility Services Part 1


    Cheryl CroceSr. ConsultantVeris Associates, Inc.In this first article of a series of five, the author explores how to relieve three of the nine common pain points associated with Infrastructure request fulfillment. By doing so, companies can transform infrastructure request fulfillment from a checklist activity to an organizational strategic asset – request fulfillment as a utility service.Start