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What the Fangirl is a weekly podcast about the best and worst in pop culture. We discuss books, TV, movies, film, video games and more, all from the perspective of the average fangirl. Bri and Alex are two ladies who also host The Other Side of the Mirror, a Once Upon a Time podcast, and The Litch Line, a podcast for Orange is the New Black. Official podcast for WhatTheFangirl.Com. Visit our website at WhattheFangirl.com for the accompanying blog, featuring a talented selection of contributors. To contribute, suggest a topic for discussion, or get in touch, email us at wtfangirlblog@gmail.com, tweet us @wtfangirlblog and like us on Facebook.com/whatthefangirl


  • What the Fangirl #9: Carol, The Big Snub & Oscar Retrospective

    19/01/2016 Duración: 01h41min

    01:29 CAROL Introduction – CAUTION, SPOILERS! 04:51 What makes CAROL brilliant as art 15:45 The lesbian content of CAROL contrasted with LGBTQ content of other movies Essential importance of living your own truth & how the characters do that 30:34 critical reception of CAROL and the ridiculous charge that the movie is “cold” 34:15 Why CAROL was better than FREEHELD, which also had lesbian subject matter The controversy ignited when Ron Nyswander, who wrote FREEHELD, criticized his own movie The other 2015 lesbian movie, JENNY'S WEDDING The struggle to show female & LGBTQ sexuality on screen 42:45 Todd Haynes' FAR FROM HEAVEN & his commentary on the concept of “women's movies” & the repression of the 1950s. 45:15 MASSIVE FAR FROM HEAVEN SPOILERS!! 46:45 FAR FROM HEAVEN & CAROL Oscar snubs demonstrate how “women's movies” and novels are undervalued 48:15 CAROL snubbed. WTF happened?? The LGBTQ connection with ROOM. 56:00 Retrospective on Academy Awards since 1977 56:00 to 1:19:00 From STAR W

  • What the Fangirl # 8 – Goodbye Summer of 2015: Wayward Pines, Bojack Horseman, Another Period, Spy, Prez and More!

    09/09/2015 Duración: 59min

    What the Fangirl # 8 – Goodbye Summer of 2015: Wayward Pines, Bojack Horseman, Another Period, Spy, Prez and More! September is here and so is our summer wrap-up! Discussing our summer TV guilty pleasures, including Wayward Pines, The Astronaut Wives Club, Bojack Horseman, Another Period and Lifetime's A Deadly Adoption. In movies, we review Melissa McCarthey's Spy, discuss the offbeat career choices of Kristen Wiig and chat about the Ghostbusters reboot. And we review TV Land's newest show, Impastor, which we hated. We also recommend DC's Prez (comic), Meg Wollitzer's The Interestings, The Madman's Daughter, No Mercy (comic) and Invasion of the Tearling, and share our opinions about all the upcoming Live Action Disney movies. All this and a special welcome from Once Upon a Time's Ursula, Merrin Dungey, as we bring on the fall!

  • What the Fangirl # 7 - The Unbreakable Lois Lane, Interview With Gwenda Bond

    21/07/2015 Duración: 01h17min

    In this episode we are talking about Lois Lane and Kimmy Schmidt. We talk with Gwenda Bond, author of Lois Lane Fallout, about her new young adult novel, Lois Lane: Fallout. (Only mild spoilers!) We discuss the book, CBS' Supergirl, and what Gwenda is reading and watching. And we talk with Rebecca Johnson about the modern heroine that is Kimmy Schmidt and what makes the Netflix show funny. (Many spoilers!) Rebecca is also one of the hosts of the podcast Supergirl Radio,which explores the mythos behind Supergirl on the page, big screen and TV.   Time Stamps   01:46 Interview With Gwenda Bond about Lois Lane: Fallout 29:52 Interview with Rebecca Johnson about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 1:17:00 Emmy discussion   Notes:   We discussed the following great books on this episode. Buy them today through our affiliate links and help support this podcast!   By Gwenda Bond Blackwood The Woken Gods Girl on a Wire Lois Lane: Fallout By Margaret Stohl Black Widow: Forever Red   By Laura Ruby Bone Gap   By Ma

  • What the Fangirl #6 - Remakes, Revivals and Reading

    11/06/2015 Duración: 01h19min

    This week we are talking about remakes, reboots and sequels in TV and film. We debate the reasons behind the trend and discuss whether there is any hope for the movie industry. (Alex says no, Bri thinks there might be!) Then we turn our attention to television, where we briefly discuss Glee's series finale and spot some new trends in series-enders. We revisit the ending of How I Met Your Mother and examine how we feel about it one year later. Finally, Bri updates us on the state of Young Adult fiction and Alex talks about what she is reading. See topics and specifics below!   Time Stamps 30s-2:39 NBC's reboot of Coach 2:40-3:40 X-Files 3:40-4:58 Twin Peaks 4:58–5:20 What We Want Revived 5:30-8:30 Fast and Furious: why are there 7 sequels and plans for 4 more (caution, Alex has lots of opinions!) 8:30 -10:35 Bri explains movie marketing in the 21st century to Alex, using Furious 7 and Paul Blart Part 2 10:35-12:50 How franchises transfer power from movie stars and back to studios and producers 12:50-17:00 Biop

  • What the Fangirl #5 - What's in a Name? Dr. Seuss, Harper Lee, and Arthur Conan Doyle and Bad TV Titles

    22/03/2015 Duración: 01h10min

    This week we are talking about what's in a name. First it's book talk, as we delve into new books by Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss as well as a new story featuring Sherlock Holmes. Bri analyzes the enduring popularity of the Seuss name. We talk about the issues surrounding publication of Go Set a Watchman and the mysteries and myths about Harper Lee. Finally, we have some fun with a previously unknown “fanfic” from the early 20th century that purports to be written by Arthur Conan Doyle. In television, we talk about how series names can make or break TV shows. Several networks, particularly ABC, have hurt their shows by using irony or jokes that turn off viewers. We go through some of the worst offenders and talk about how they do or do not live up to their names. We finish by identifying some of the best titles on TV. Time Stamps 01:15 What Pet Should I Get 06:00 To Kill a Mockingbird 17:00 The Mockingbirds YA Novel 19:30 Shirley Jackson's The Lottery 21:30 Sherlock Holmes 28:00 Bad Name / Fresh Off the Boat 33:3

  • What the Fangirl #4 - Sherlock Holmes and 221B Con

    17/03/2015 Duración: 47min

    What the Fangirl correspondent Hope Mullinax inerviews Liz and Crystal from the popular fan convention 221B Con, a fan convention about ALL things Sherlock Holmes.  Show Notes: Visit 221B Con April 10-12, 2015! http://221bcon.com/ https://twitter.com/221bcon http://221bcon.tumblr.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/221B-Con/ Have a Con Report to share? Email us at talk@whatthefangirl.com

  • What the Fangirl #3 - Drinks at the Dal

    05/03/2015 Duración: 45min

    What the Fangirl # 3 – Interview with the Ladies from Drinks at the Dal What's to love about Lost Girl? We tell you, courtesy of Stephanie and Chris, two of the hosts of the podcast Drinks at the Dal. Our topics include how podcastating a show changes the way we engage with the shows we podcast, shippers in the Lost Girl fandom, favorite episodes, and hopes and dreams for the series finale.   Time Stamps   05:40 How approach to show changed or if it did.   14:45 Lost Girl season 5 spoilers!   15:30 Warehouse 13, end of series spoilers!   16:25 Speculating about the end of Lost Girl   18:20 How Bo's character has shifted from the beginning of the series, i.e. redemption-oriented to evolving as a person.   22:00 What's going on with Once Upon a Time?   24:00 Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   25:10 Gateway episodes for Lost Girl.   28:00 Favorite episodes of Lost Girl.   29:22 Future of Drinks at the Dal.   31:30 Other TV shows! Agent Carter, The Good Wife, Empire, Sleepy Hollow, Glee, How to Get Away With M

  • What the Fangirl #2 - Live From New York and Other Funny Business

    15/02/2015 Duración: 01h08min

    We welcome Rebecca Johnson from SuperGirlRadio.Com to discuss Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary. Listen to her experience of winning the SNL ticket lottery and watching the Andy Saberg-hosted 39th season finale. We dish on our favorite hosts, favorite era, favorite cast members and felings about current cast. If we could have dinner with just three cast members, who would it be? (Who would yours be?) Also discussed are 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn 99, and the Flash.   TIME STAMPS   00:00 Intro!  2:00 The Rebecca Report:  40:00 30 Rock.  41:00 Parks & Rec.  50:00 NBC's A to Z.  52: How to Get Away with Murder.  53:00 DC, Marvel and The Flash.  57:30 Brooklyn 99.  1:03 SuperGirlRadio.Com... gearing up for CBS's Supergirl.  1:07 Playing House.   SHOW NOTES  Video about Rebecca's experience at SNL.  Saturday Night Live App  Chelsea Perretti Podcast  SupergirlRadio.com  DuckMilkProd (YouTube) Panels from Dragon Con, Travel Videos  

  • What the Fangirl #1 - Beginnings and Endings

    15/02/2015 Duración: 46min

    On our inaugural podcast we go over some basic ground rules (there will be spoilers!) and then we discuss what's ending and beginning on this season of television. Glee, Parenthood, Parks & Recreation and Lost Girl are ending, and we invite your comments on the demise of these four shows. We talk about three of our new favorite shows, Jane the Virgin, Empire and the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Also this week: Alex rants about NBC and Bri obsesses over HGTV's Flea Market Flip. TIME STAMPS 00:00 to 3:00 Ground rules! 3:30 Glee is crazy... but it has a place in history. 9:50 Parenthood. 11:45 Parks & Recreation... Leslie Knope is our superhero. 19:00 Let's rant about NBC! 24:00 Lost Girl.... we invite your feedback. 26:00 Our policy on reality shows and all Bri's feelings about and HGTV's Flee Market Flip. 31:00 Jane the Virgin. 34:00 Empire. 40:00 The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore. 45:00 How to get in touch with us.