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  • Podcast #2: Three Customer Types

    31/08/2005 Duración: 07min

    We are all *at least* one of the three learning types. The marketing campaigns accommodating all three learning types will most likely pull in the BEST results all around. Find out what the three learning types are... and how to take FULL advantage of it! Links from this broadcast: 100% Free Podcasts from -- FREE radio shows, delivered to your computer and ready to sync to your iPod. Over 3,000 FREE podcasts to choose from! John Reese's Shocking Secret Report: Click here to download this FREE report!

  • Podcast #1: Int'l Radio Star!

    03/06/2005 Duración: 05min

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "I was born to star in my own radio show!"? I'll show you how! Links from this broadcast: iPodder Podcast Receiver: 7-Day Free Trial: FREE Audacity audio editor & recorder: Podcast Directories: