Cursed Audio Drama




  • Interview Matthew Quinlan

    19/04/2011 Duración: 06min

    Exclusive interview with Matthew Quinlan the Creator, Director, and Producer of the brand new audio drama "Cursed".

  • Robert Malcolm Interview

    19/04/2011 Duración: 07min

    Exclusive interview with Robert Malcolm the voice of Wade Mathison.

  • Cursed: The Beginning

    05/04/2011 Duración: 05min

    Pyro Productions Presents - Cursed: The Beginning . Cursed is a multi-part audio drama following Wade Mathison as he seeks to unravel the mysteries behind his past. Created by Matt and Mark Quinlan In Memory of Mark Quinlan Cast: Wade Mathison - Robert Malcom Lucy - Sienna P. Jerry The Bartender - Matthew Quinlan Bill - Andy Bundy Attacker - Tanner Hatley Writing and Editing - Matthew Quinlan Thanks For Check Us Out! Stay tuned for more episode.