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Everyday Spirituality Radio with Nancy Monson Everyday Spirituality is the home of Soul Purpose Advocate, Nancy Monson, MA, MBA, CPCC. Her mission and lifes work is to liberate people from their inner suffering and help them live their souls unique purpose. As an advocate for the soul, she focuses on four things:Using the souls GPS to reveal to a person who they are truly meant to beEmbracing and holding sacred the messages of their soulHelping to fully accept, express and celebrate their unique magnificenceReleasing the conditioning that sabotages living their souls purposeNancy is a teacher who uses her deep wisdom to share why and how someone can finally live their souls true purpose. She begins with Human Design, the GPS for living a soul-directed life. Human Design gives people access to the blueprint of their souls unique potentiality. Then using her combination of tools and methodologies from Neuro Linguistic Programming to clairvoyance, she guides people through the alchemical process of inner change, to dissolve their limiting beliefs and blocks, as they are reborn into their authentic selves and honor their souls purpose. The midlife passage is one of the most powerful opportunities to bring forth the full potential and purpose of ones soul. In her forthcoming book about womens midlife rebirth, Nancy shares her and other womens stories of their challenges through the midlife passage. From her own journey and deep study, she reveals essential little-known knowledge about and removes the mystery from whats unfolding for every woman through the most self-empowering transition women can experiencestepping powerfully into their souls full potential and purpose. Her book is a guide and companion for consciously navigating the midlife passage to live a soul-directed life every day. Who is Nancy Monson? Nancy Monson is a Soul Purpose Advocate devoted to supporting people living a soul-directed life every day. The midlife passage, in particular, is the most powerful time to awaken to the souls potential and purpose. Nancy guides people through this rebirth and create a meaningful and joyous soul-directed life.She brings a host of skills, talents, wisdom and a lifetime of transformative experiences to guide people who are truly ready to live their souls unique potential and purpose every day. The midlife passage is the most powerful time to awaken to the souls potential and purpose. Nancy guides people through this rebirth and create a meaningful and joyous soul-directed life.She brings a host of skills, talents, wisdom and a lifetime of transformative experiences to guide people who are truly ready to live their souls unique potential and purpose every day. For the past fifteen years, Nancy has been guiding women who struggle with challenging career and life transitions as their spiritual mentor, teacher, and healer their Soul Purpose Advocate. Its her unique combination of strategic and pragmatic skills, sense of the big picture, and her wonder and interest in the people on this planet that bring her to the work she offers women.Nancy holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior from UC Berkeleys Hass School of Business, an MA in the Science of Creative Intelligence from the Maharishi University of Management, and a BS in Mathematics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She also has completed trainings with special emphasis in Human Design, Evolutionary Leadership, life and relationship coaching, spiritual guidance, Tantric counseling, Deep Emotional Release bodywork, and Reiki energy healing. Nancy is also a facilitator of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People personal empowerment course, and a coach of the Women, Power, and Body Esteem transformation program for women. Along with her advanced degrees, 20 years of working with corporate executives and teams, and her myriad of transformational methodology certifications, she adds 25 years of outdoor leadership and wilderness adventures to help guide women through midlife-rebirth. She believes nature is immensely healing and transformative, taking us to a deep place of inner connection with our own true nature.


  • Being a Soul Purpose Advocate with Everyday Spirituality Co-host Nancy Monson


    The path to living your souls purpose and potential is fraught with diversions and blocks. The ego struggles to let go of who its been to allow a new and greater expression of the soul to emerge. Not only do we struggle with our inner barriers to and fears of change, our culture doesnt support the inner alchemical process the psyche, or ego, goes though to be rebirthed into a more fulfilling and meaningful expression of the soul. Its not recommended to do this alone. Having a guide to support you through the transformation process is essential to help you on your rebirthing journey. In this episode we will talk about the role of the Soul Purpose Advocate and why having an advocate for your soul so important to living your best life every day.

  • Understanding the Deeper Process and Purpose of the Midlife Passage with Everyday Spirituality Co-host Nancy Monson


    Midlife can bring unexpected life events that create turmoil. Coupled with the physical changes that many women experience, it is a time that can throw them into a feeling of confusion, helplessness and frustrationmade even more difficult when old ways of dealing with things no longer seem to work. Motivationsthat used to carry a woman through tough times give way to deeply buried longings from an earlier time.The truth is there is a deeper process unfolding at the very essence of a womans beingher soul is calling her, urging her, to awaken to her true purpose and live her hearts deepest desire. During this episode, Dr Pat and Nancy will be exploring how this passage unfolds and what women can do to supportthemselves to awaken to their soulspurpose.

  • Everyday Spirituality Co-host Nancy Monson - Inner Alchemy: Unleashing Your Soul’s Potential and Purpose


    We will be exploring the four alchemical phases of inner transformation that the psyche goes through when committing to bring out the soul’s potential and purpose. Without understanding what’s going on at the soul level, we can become confused, fearful, discouraged and frustrated. Understanding this inner transformation process and learning how to support it can lead to a smoother transition and a greater expression of your soul’s potential.

  • If Only I Were My "Ah-Ha’s!” Human Design in Action with Everyday Spirituality Co-host Nancy Monson


    Despite our best intentions, we all still struggle with consistently living our insights and “breakthroughs.” Human Design is Active - not Passive. It is evolutionary to accelerate, expand and draw abundance into our everyday lives. Everyday Spirituality for Everyday Positivity. During this episode, we will be exploring why we get stuck in old, limiting thoughts and behaviors even when we do our best to stay focused on achieving our New Year’s resolutions or our desired behaviors. Tune-in to find out why and how to truly break free of the limiting beliefs that keep you from living your soul’s full potential!

  • Everyday Spirituality with Nancy Monson - The GPS to the Soul: Human Design as Your Guide to Living a Soul-Directed Life


    Your soul’s blueprint was created the moment you were born. The Human Design system reveals this blueprint and provides you with a GPS for living the full expression of your soul’s potential and purpose. In this episode we will explore the critical components of your Human Design and why it is so essential for living a fulfilling soul-directed life.

  • Everyday Spirituality - Living Your Soul's Purpose with Co-host Nancy Monson


    You have two choices in life: you either fight your souls purpose or embrace your purpose. In this episode we will explore the typical ways we fight living our souls design and purpose and how working with a soul purpose advocate can help you break free and live the life you were designed to live.

  • Everyday Spirituality: Living A Soul Directed Life Every Day with Co-host Nancy Monson


    In this initial episode, Nancy and Dr. Pat will explore what it means to live a soul-directed life—every day. We will look at why it matters and how to embark on the journey to live our soul’s full expression each day. We will talk about how to discover the GPS to your soul and outline the process to unfold your soul’s full expression. Stay tuned-in for more detail in upcoming shows with Nancy Monson.