Amy's Grand Canyon Love

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Single, young and beautiful, Amy travels alone to see the Grand Canyon. While spending the night in a small town before taking a train to the Canyon the next day, Amy meets Cody, a handsome man staying at the same hotel. Undeniable sparks fly between them and Amy and Cody and they decide to explore the sights together. After spending the week with Cody, Amy realizes she ‘s met the man of her dreams.


Amy sucked in a breath, and putting a hand behind his head, pulled Cody harder onto her breast. “Fuck, yes … like that. It hurts so good.”

“You like a little pain, darlin’?”

“Don’t know for sure … I never really tried it with anyone, but I seem to like anything you do to me. Please, Cody … bite me harder.”

“Your clit too?”

“God, yes.”

“Okay, gorgeous … let me know if I go too far.”

“Just do it damn it ... do it now.”

Amy pulled Cody’s mouth onto her breast, and he bit the nipple hard, grinding his teeth together as he pulled back. Sensations of pain and pleasure merged together, and radiating from the nipple, electricity raced along nerves wired directly to her pussy. Gasping, her senses overwhelmed, Amy jerked under Cody. “Jesus. That feels amazing … keep doing it.”

Bright lights filled the room, followed by rolling thunder, as Cody moved to her other nipple, grinding it hard between his teeth. Amy wrapped her fingers in his hair, and sensing she wanted it even rougher, Cody punished the nipple savagely with his teeth. Gnashing his teeth together and pulling back, Cody moved from nipple to nipple a few times, punishing each before kissing his way down Amy’s stomach.

Cody moved between her legs, his mouth hovering over Amy’s soft, trimmed triangle, and looked up. “Are you sure you want this?”

“God damn it ... yes. Fucking bite me.”

Thunder boomed over the canyon, crashing into the suite, and her eyes glowing coals, Amy pulled Cody’s mouth onto her clit. Teasing her, Cody flicked his tongue against her outer folds before taking Amy’s clit in his teeth, and biting down, he moved a finger to her ass, massaging her anus softly.

Amy moaned and pushed against the finger. “Oh, God … yes. P-Please Cody. Put it in my ass.”