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The Most Important Leadership Skills According to The Hustle Founder, Sam Parr



One of the biggest challenges of conducting effective marketing is that it can be virtually impossible to be certain which of your methods are getting you positive results. Today on the show, we get together with Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle and host of the podcast My First Million, to discuss what he’s learned about impactful marketing and why growing a podcast following is so challenging. We discuss the challenges of marketing across different mediums, as well as effective strategies for increasing your reach and creating exceptional content. Tune in for a special episode brought to you by Leveling Up Live on how to grow your podcast, and much more! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:00] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast! [00:15] Today’s episode is brought to you by Leveling Up Live, learn more at [00:30] Get to know Sam Parr and his podcast called My First Million.  [00:50] Learn about The Hustle, a daily busines