Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

#252 Matt Maruca



Matt Maruca is back on the show. He is an incredible resource on health and wellness, especially in the area of our interaction with the sun and the benefits of it i.e. circadian rhythms and hormone balance. Go back to our last episode for all those nuggets. In this convo we dive into his experience in working with Dr Joe Dispenza as well as a catch up on his life over the last couple of years. Connect with Matt:   Website:  Instagram: @thelightdiet  Podcast: The Light Diet -Apple -Spotify   Sponsors:   Aura offers all-in-one digital safety for your entire household. Identity theft, fraud, and malware are just some of their offerings. Go to for 14 days free and 40% off your plan.  Lucy Go to and use codeword “KKP” at Checkout to get 20% off the best nicotine gum in the game, or check out their lozenge. BIOptimizers Go check out P3OM if you get as gassy as me and the Kingsbu clan do. This is my go to probiotic. Get 10% off by going to and ente