Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

#247 Chris Williamson



Chris Williamson is new to the show and fresh off the plane in Austin. He has a super interesting background that he dives into a bit. I mention that I think he’s one of, if not the only guest I’ve had that is solely a podcaster by trade. He is a phenomenal and deep thinker, we really have more of a dude to dude conversation in this one. I really enjoyed this one and hope you do too! Love yall Connect with Chris:   Website:  Instagram: @chriswillx  Facebook: Chris WIlliamson  Twitter: @chriswillx  YouTube: Chris Williamson  Podcast: Modern Wisdom with Chris Williamson - Spotify - Apple    Show Notes:   3 Minute Monday Blogs  Eddie - Strongman(Netflix) Born Strong(Amazon) #436 Modern Wisdom - Dr Jordan B. Peterson: Your Life Is Built For More Spotify  Apple #183 Paul Chek: The Life You Want and How to Create it Spotify   Apple Sponsors:   Qualia Mind is hands down the most balanced neurotropic I have in my arsenal right now. Head over to for a month’s supply cur