Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

#244 Chad Johnson



Chad Johnson is a permaculture maestro. He’s studied under Sepp Holzer and cut his teeth in the North of Minnesota where he practices a permaculture/food forest model of working with the land. He’s the man we’re working with to help work with the land in Lockhardt. We’ll run it back, but here’s an incredible intro to him and the work that he does. Connect with Chad:   Website:  Show Notes:   "Desert or Paradise" Sepp Holzer "Sepp Holzer's Permaculture"   The Biggest Little Farm - Amazon Living 4D Ep 97 - Dr. Ibrahim Karim: BioGeometry: Profound Healing Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science   Agriculture - Rudolph Steiner  Regenerative Agriculture - Richard Perkins  Sponsors:   Qualia Mind is hands down the most balanced neurotropic I have in my arsenal right now. Head over to for a month’s supply currently @ 50% off. Punch in code “KKP” for an additional 15% off everything. PaleoValley Some of the best an