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I don’t know how we got to where we are in the realm of “justice”. I recorded this while it was the most alive in me and I felt like I could actually verbalize what I feel to be true. I say here that the victim was his daughter, but it is now my understanding that they have not released who the victim was. Either way, I hold nothing but love for Cain and please spread the truth of what this warrior was willing to do for his family.  If you’re called, please send love and strength to Cain and his family. You can use the tags #freeCain and #freeCainVelasquez on IG. Much love fam Show Notes:   Chek Institute - Holistic Life Coach 1 Online  How To Eat Move And Be Healthy  Sponsors:   Upgraded Formulas from our boy Barton Scott!! Get your mineral levels figured out and head to, punch in “KKP15” at checkout and get 15% off your order including the hair mineral test! Qualia Mind is hands down the most balanced neurotropic I have in my arsenal right now. Head over to ne