Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

#240 Tim Kennedy



This one has been a long time coming. This gets heavy with as much of his origin story as we could fit into our time constraints and one of all parents’ deepest fears almost coming true for me. All I can say is that I’m fully humbled to know the caliber of a man such as Tim Kennedy. Please enroll in his Sheepdog courses and follow his work. Connect with Tim:   Website:  Instagram: @timkennedymma  Facebook: Tim Kennedy MMA  Twitter: @TimKennedyMMA  YouTube: Tim Kennedy  Sponsors:   Optimal Carnivore Visit and use the code:  “KINGSBU10” to receive 10% off all products: Organ Complex and Grass-fed Liver  Organifi Go to to get my favorite way to easily get the most potent blend of high vibration fruits, veggies and other goodies into your diet! Click that link and use code “KKP” at checkout for 20% off your order! Bioptimizers To get the ’Magnesium Breakthrough‘ de