Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

#238 David Icke



David Motha F*ckin Icke friends and fam! Any of you that have made it this far down the rabbit hole with me, know my admiration for this man and his insight into the inner and outer workings of reality. It feels like we can’t do an episode without talking about the boogieman at large these days, so we talk a bit about that and the loosening of restrictions of late. David also takes into the waters of the nature of reality, so there’s that. What else can I say but buckle up and enjoy the ride brothers and sisters! Connect with David:   Website:  BitChute: DavidIcke  Show Notes:   Rose - Icke 6: The Vindication  Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke  Sponsors:   Optimal Carnivore Absolutely the most nutrient dense food source is organ meats. Head over to to get them in capsule form and use code “KINGSBU10” for a sweet deal Bioptimizers To get the ’Magnesium Breakthrough‘ deal exclusively for fans of the podcast, click the link below and use code wor