Blerd Culture

Issue #10: Task Force Xtravaganza!



This week on Blerd Culture, Sean forgets how to speak because he’s graduated a lot, Troy reaches for the stars and finally grabs a decent segue (yayyy…), Ethan expertly shades Frank Ocean and Square Enix at the same time, and the Blerds share their love for Suicide Squad, indicating that they probably have terrible taste in movies but they aren’t planning to apologize for it. And check out Ethan’s amazing review of the new indie comic series “E.P.I.C. (Earth’s Protector in Crisis)”, written by the talented Lonnie Lowe Jr. TOPICS Planet Bugle 01:14 – Hidden Figures trailer 07:00 – Zendaya is Mary Jane Watson! 14:34 – Frank Ocean’s nonsense 18:05 – The Runaways on Hulu Graphic Novel Must Read 25:14 - E.P.I.C (Earth's Protector in Crisis) by Dark City Comics Save Point 29:00 – Final Fantasy XV Rant Netflix & Kill 34:21 - Suicide Squad This podcast is powered by Pinecast.