Blerd Culture

Issue #11: Get Down with the Get Down



This week on Blerd Culture, Sean gets in trouble for saying too many bad words because Britney Spears is no Beyoncé, Troy makes us talk about nothing but DC and then yells at Sean for saying too many bad words, Ethan stans for Joss Whedon and then stans harder for Ariana Grande, and the Blerds fall head over heels in love with the landmark Netflix series The Get Down. Starring Sean’s dad’s entire childhood and Christina Aguilera’s best song in like 10 years. TOPICS Character Chronic…les 00:54 - Joss Whedon Planet Bugle 6:00 – Deathstroke revealed! 11:06 – Black Lightning TV series 16:03 – Justice League Dark gains director Soundwaves 20:34 – 2016 Video Music Awards Netflix & Kill 37:13 – The Get Down Bout of the Blerds 53:53 – “What is your most anticipated movie for the end of 2016?” This podcast is powered by Pinecast.