IES - The Yancy Years



"This week Gerald Hector invites four guests to It's Easy Son. Now that Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancy's documented success at Johnson C. Smith University is publicly available in electronic formats, co-authors Dr. Brian Johnson, Dr. Sharon Raynor and Mr. Benny Smith join the podcast to reflect upon the impact and inspiration Dr. Yancy has on the higher education landscape. A pioneer whose vision created one the period of greatest growth and prosperity in the university's history. A legend in higher education administration, all the authors, and Gerald as host, have been impacted by Dr. Yancy's scholarly, administrative and fundraising prowess. They are all "Yancy's Kids" even though only Dr. Johnson is a JCSU graduate. They all note that you cannot work with Dr. Yancy and not become a better administrator and fundraiser on your way to "what's next." Join these four individuals and Dr. Yancy as they discuss the timeless nature of this project. What was learned. The successes. The challenges and all that happene