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MS 092 Christa Black Gifford: A Heart Made Whole, Turning Your Unhealed Pain into Your Greatest Strength



Christa Black Gifford shares her journey through her unhealed pain--pain which included a past of sexual abuse, eating disorders, alcohol, relationships, and the full term delivery and subsequent passing of her second baby, Goldie, born with anenchephaly. Christa knows we all have pain, but encourages us that linking arms with Jesus, taking responsibility for our emotions, and facing our pain with Christ, is the only way for our broken hearts to be made whole. To be the first to know about Jacque's new course, "Connecting with your Teen": TEXT the words 'CONNECTWITHYOURTEEN' to 33444  To ENTER to win a copy of Christa's book: TEXT the words 'HEARTMADEWHOLE' to 33444  SUBSCRIBE/Review->SUBSCRIBE/Review HERE  Sign up for Coaching with Jacque --> HERE (    Christa's Book: Heart Made Whole