Mud Stories With Jacque Watkins - Messy Moments Worked For Our Good

MS 106 Jelani Memory: Circle Disney, Unwrapping Snapchat, and Technology Tools for Moms



Jelani Memory shares the story of how he co-founded Circle Disney, how it works, and how it helps families  collaborate and manage electronics and devices and screen time, which can be such a muddy place! Also? Check out this AWESOME course for parents called Unwrap Snap, a course to help you not only understand snapchat and how kids are using it, but to learn so you can keep your kids safe on social media and become a ninja parent, instead of an ignorant and fearful one. This is a MUST have! Enter code MUD STORIES in the next 7 days for $18 off!! -To support the show and for more information about toxic free living and Young Living Essential Oils: Text the words 'THEOILYSISTERHOOD' to 33444 Young Living info: Email questions to: Join Jacque and support the show with Young Living (and get your very own premium starter kit):  Distributor #10228815 -Shownotes:  -Check out Ci