(S.4 Ep.1) Evolving Ethnicities



Ethnicity continues to shape East African politics in ways both predictable and unexpected, according to African experts featured on Peacebuilders, a new podcast series from Carnegie Corporation of New York. “The question of ethnicity,” George Gathigi, lecturer at the University of Nairobi, says, “always features in every conversation.” What role does ethnicity play in post-conflict countries in East Africa? Hosts Aaron Stanley and Scott Malcomson speak with experts from the region in this first episode of the Peacebuilders series. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa on everything from the future of the African Union to immigration to media and elections in Kenya. The interviewers are Aaron Stanley, a program assistant with Carnegie Corporation of New York’s international security program, and Scott Malcomson, an author, journalist, and former government official and NGO executive. Malcomson was a Carnegie Corporation media fellow in 2015-18, and is curren