(S.4 Ep.8) The Modern African State



The African nation-state is in a period of profound transformation, according to African experts interviewed for episode 8 of Carnegie Corporation’s Peacebuilders podcast series. In this episode: Alagaw Ababu Kifle (African Leadership Centre), Pamela Mbabazi (Institute for Peace and Security Studies in Addis Ababa), and Sagal Abshir (Somali lawyer and former government advisor). Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa. The final episode, “African Solutions to African Problems,” will be broadcast on the morning of Tuesday, June 26. The interviewers are Aaron Stanley, a program assistant with Carnegie Corporation’s International Peace and Security program, and Scott Malcomson, an author, journalist, and former government official and NGO executive. Malcomson was a Carnegie Corporation media fellow (2015–18) and is currently a fellow in international security at the New America Foundation and director of special projects at Strategic Insight Group. Podcast Transcript (Photo credit: Make It Kenya P