Diana Adamko

Full Moon Meditation



Full moon is a transformational, and deeply intuitive time. Full moon generally means that it is time to bring things into existence, to manifest, to see how far you’ve come and what you have created. It is a time to celebrate what is already in the light, say thanks for it, be proud of what you have created and accomplished. This meditation is a practical AND spiritual tool that can help you to let go, break through your boundaries and expand to the next level. Diana Adamko is an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer creating and using meditations with her coaching clients. This meditation is part of her Moon Wisdom series. ✭ Please note: If you would like to get the workbook for FREE that supports this meditation please visit and download here: https://dianaadamko.com/full-moon-flow-check/ ✭ Connect: www.dianaadamko.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/awakenyourmoonpower/ Instagram: diana.adamko For any questions: diana@dianaadamko.com