Copperplate Podcast

Copperplate Time 359



                                 Copperplate Time 359                              Presented by Alan O'Leary                                      1. Bothy Band:   Green Groves. After Hours 2. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:                    The Pelican Marsh. Music & Mischief                               3. Gatehouse:  Jimmy Giblin’s/The Gneevguilla Reel/                 The Casagh Reel.       Tus Nua4. Treasa Ni Mhiollan:    An Spailpin Fánach.   Lán Mara 5. Teada:    Nora Criona.      Inne Amarach 6. Kathleen Collins: Connelly’s/Mullingar Races. Shanachie340108. Jimmy McHugh:   The Pidgeon On The Gate.                2nd Memorial Concert 9. Diarmuid O’Suillabhain:  My Pup Came Home from Claeeach.   Bruach na Carraige Bhána 10. Bobby Casey:    The Garden of Daisies.   Taking Flight11. Kevin Taylor & Mary Conroy: Con Curtin’s Twins/Knights of St Patrick. Kevin Taylor & Mary Conroy 12. Des Donnelly:  Jackie Coleman’s/Sean sa Cheo.                  Remember De