Black Wall Street - Special Guest: Mr. Albert E. White



Black Excellence Alliance, in partnership with U of Tulsa, presents "Black Wall Street: The Past, Present and Future of Black Excellence" presents "African Americans and the Internet" with special guest, Albert E. White. Thirty years of business and finance experience Advisor to some of the most successful CEOs in the country. Vast experience in the technology area: HealthCare, Energy, Disaster Services, Communications, and Internet of Things. Mr. White is a known visionary in identifying market niches. Mr. White has been successful in building capacity for small and medium-sized federal contractors. He was responsible for negotiating the most significant subcontract that AT&T had ever signed in its history with a Minority-Owned Business in the ’90s. He was a member of the original management team that first commercialized the Internet, Network Solutions. He was responsible for providing the marketing strategy to promote the first use of the Global Internet to the public. Mr. White has complet