Gerald Hector welcomes to It's Easy Son, Mr. Wolde Harris



This week, Gerald Hector welcomes to It's Easy Son, Mr. Wolde Harris. A soccer standout from his days in Jamaica at the primary/preparatory and secondary school levels, to his amazing college soccer exploits at Clemson University, and on to his professional career playing professional soccer for several MLS teams, and representing Jamaica at each age group. A 2017 Hall of Fame inductee student athlete at Clemson University, where he held or still holds several records, Mr. Harris shares his journey from growing up in Jamaica and the influence of his parents, family, coaches and others on his grounding, and love for the game of soccer. His father is Trevor "Jumpy" Harris, another footballing great from Jamaican high school powerhouse, Kingston College. Like father like son is a great meta narrative in this discussion, as "Jumpy" Harris was also inducted in the Hall of Fame for Michigan State University in 2016. Wolde shares words of inspiration, counsel and reflection as he continues to chart his future afte