Secret Tech Sauce Podcast - A Podcast With Ben Martinez

Ep. 23: Daniel Gogolin - Co-Founder of Joda Creative



Daniel Gogolin, Co-Founder of Joda Creative - a content marketing agency based in Vancouver, Canada focused on telling stories. Daniel will take you on a journey from his early days of being a student in Vancouver Film School to finding a company - Joda Creative. In this episode you will learn: Advice on going beyond content to focus on engaging and audience Use of other distribution channels to promote your brand or message Hacks on getting sales leads when you are a smaller shop Advice for managing a big brand Daniel’s thoughts on the television series Mad Man in relation to advertising Daniel’s other side hustle - his fashion line - Markus Amadeo And much, much more…   Without further ado, please enjoy this highly caffeinated episode. This podcast is brought to you by Anthology. - Anthology is careers reimagined. Get better job candidates using confidential data. They will do an anonymous job search to find passive candidates or connect passive candidates with employers.