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Ep. 24: Marvin Stickel - Director of Recruiting for Pandora on Talent, Life & Inclusion



Marvin Stickel, Director of Recruiting at Pandora- a music streaming company focused on enriching lives by delivering music enjoyment and discovery. If you haven’t heard of Pandora then you probably would not listen to my podcast, with all due respect. Marvin will take you on a journey from his early days of recruiting at Google to making a switch to Pandora to mentoring, inclusion and Fatherhood.   In this episode you will learn: An approach on recruiting diverse talent from his Google days The importance of diversity when designing technology products Marvin’s background in relation to diversity and his musical background Insight into a career at Pandora and how the company values music Sourcing talent - Art + Science Marvin’s passion around inclusiveness and his willingness to push the boundaries Fatherhood, mentors and books And much, much more…   Without further ado, please enjoy this highly musically endorsed episode.   This podcast is brought to you by Anthology. - Anthology is careers re-imagined. G