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Ep. 28: Phrases & Words for 2017



We are a few weeks into the New Year and I submit to say you have already failed at your resolution. 41% of Americans make resolutions. Only 9% succeed in making the resolutions and 42% never succeed at their resolutions. These statistics do not mean we should avoid thinking about how to be better.   Resolutions fade away over the year because of our attitudes. Every day we have a choice of what our attitude will be, not just the start of a new year. No matter how little sleep you get the night before, your attitude will carry you through the day and attract the people and work you do. In this episode you will learn: An approach that is better than New Year's Resolutions. Reflection upon my past resolutions since 2013 and how they have helped my life. Insights into my new podcast logo Peak under the covers about my coffee roast profile And much, much more…   Without further ado, please listen to this episode. This podcast is brought to you by Anthology. - Anthology is careers re-imagined. Get better job c