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Episode #30 - Comedian – Steve Soelberg - talks comedy, free speech & believing in yourself



I had the opportunity to meet live at Publik Coffee Roasters with comedian, Steve Soelberg . Steve is a comedian centered on making his audience laugh. He prepares his material without the worry of being politically correct and believes that comedy is the last form of “free speech”.   Being alone on stage with the goal of making hundreds of people laugh and connect with you requires personal power and Steve gets this power with a deep-rooted believe in himself. If you do not believe in yourself, then nobody will. Steve has performed all over America and knows that he needs to believe he is the best before he can think anyone else will think he is the best comedian.     In this episode you will learn: The type of hot beverage Steve and I are sipping – Coffee from the small country of Burundi for Ben & tea for Steve Steve’s background and how he got into comedy The power of believing in yourself Comedy – The last true form of free speech Comedy is not for the thin skinned or politically correct Indie – Com