Secret Tech Sauce Podcast - A Podcast With Ben Martinez

Ep. 31: What I have been doing - Sumato Coffee Co.



Ben Martinez shares what he is been up to and why you should care if you care about coffee. Ben has been focusing all his time and energy into reimagining coffee in the workplace. In 1952, the phrase "coffee break" came about from a massive ad campaign targeted for workers to take a moment & get their "caffeine jolt" BUT nobody focused on the quality of the coffee in the workplace. In the coming weeks, Ben and his team of coffee slingers are launching Sumato Coffee Co. - Their purpose is to reimagine coffee in the workplace.   Ben shares insight on what fresh coffee is, the benefits and the industry of “third wave coffee”. Enjoy the show.   Links: Website - Instagram - Sumato Coffee Co. on Insta Facebook - Sumato Coffee Co. on Facebook Twitter - Sumato Coffee Co. on Twitter