Secret Tech Sauce Podcast - A Podcast With Ben Martinez

Ep. 36: Matt Schwartz - Behind the scenes of Executive Search



Matt Schwartz started his executive search firm back in 2003. After looking for his next gig working in a search firm he quickly realized that he could go out on his own. Fifteen years later and growing his firm “one logo at a time” his company is known for bringing “Transformative Talent” into companies. His recruiting firm recruits some big players in the executive space who make anywhere from $500K to $2M in total compensation. He gets the work that must go in when recruiting and helping companies transform their talent. He has worked with some of the biggest brands - Pepsi, Fila, American Express and Groupon.   Agenda: Ben/Matt find common ground with coffee, Sumato Coffee of course Matt talks about how he came to start his own business 15 years ago Matt’s background - from formative years to now Importance of employment branding and recruiting Key Trends coming in 2018 - AI, employee engagement, etc. Matt’s friend who gets a bag of Sumato Coffee. Out   Links: Matt’s website -