Secret Tech Sauce Podcast - A Podcast With Ben Martinez

Ep. 38: Ryan Hart- Behind the scenes of employment background checks and drug screens



Ryan Hart is the Director of Product for the background check and drug screening company, Verified First. Verified First is improving the HR Tech industry by making technology integrations better within the recruiting and onboarding process and improving the candidate experience. Ryan met the founder of Verified First (Devon Dickinson) while pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneurship and knew he had to work with him. That was almost four years ago and the company is exploding in growth since then.   Agenda: Ben/Ryan find common ground with coffee and treasure hunts - Ryan still uses cream and sugar in his coffee, but we still accept him. Ryan talks about why working for a background check company can be sexy. Ryan talks about generations in the workplace and the marketing fluff around it. Ryan talks about a trend that will get bigger in the coming years for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers - “Ban the Box” Ryan shares the technology he could not live without. Something many of us share - Amazon. Ryan gift