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247: It's About Silver Coin #1



Lots of really random BS this episode! Emily and Chad kick off the show talking about ponies, and then there's a bunch of scattered TV talk--a little more Wonder Egg Priority, a bit of Harley Quinn, Chad recommends two shows that ended years ago--before we get into comics. Which may have been a mistake, because there were a ton of comics we wanted to talk about! 28:53: Aggrestuko: Meet Her World 30:51 :Star Wars the High Republic #4 32:53: Nocterra #2 35:23: Geiger #1 40:39: Silver Coin #1 53:29: The Swamp Thing #2 56:33: Fear Case #3 59:26: Dead Dogs' Bite #2 1:05:22: Bliss #6 1:10:08: Green Lantern #1 1:13:00: King Tank Girl #3