Bibliophiles Anonymous

Bibliophiles Anonymous #97 - Author vs. Reviewer



In this episode of Bibliophiles Anonymous, Denise and Jess discuss what has become a very heated topic in the book blogging community lately - the article posted by The Guardian by Kathleen Hale, detailing her attempts to respond and track down a reviewer who posted a horrible review and then mobilized others to do the same. Since many things (blog posts, tweets, etc.) have been deleted, it is hard to say for sure exactly what happened, since we only have Kathleen Hale's version of the story and there hasn't been a response (that we know of) from Blythe Harris (the reviewer in question), we will just say that it looks like both parties were behaving badly and made some not-so-good choices. As always, we will let you the listener weigh in with your opinions. Is this the story of a cyberbully who has used a fake, stolen identity to try and get attention? Is this the story of an author who overstepped her bounds and stalked a reviewer, both online and in person? Is it both? Bottom line: no one in this situation